The Dimitri Khalezov "WTC was nuked" hoax

Revised 18 November, 2012: see here for transcript of Gordon Duff's admitting to writing 40% disinformation


For years, various disinformation agents have been attempting to sabotage the 9/11 truth movement with claims that "mini-nukes" or "nuclear devices" were used to demolish the World Trade Center. The fact that the Twin Towers and WTC7 (Building 7) were destroyed in a series of controlled demolitions is not in doubt; more than 1,400 architectural and engineering professionals have called for a new, truly independent investigation and cited evidence of controlled demolitions at all three collapsed WTC steel-framed high-rises. A plethora of evidence for controlled demolitions includes numerous reports of molten steel and molten metal found in the debris pile - some of which was analyzed and found to be abundant in ironiron-rich spherules indicating a previously molten state that were found in the WTC dust (including a sample collected ten minutes after collapse of the North Tower, eliminating the possibility of contamination from the clean up), an orange-yellow flow of molten material from the South Tower caught on video in the minutes preceding collapse indicative of an iron-rich melt and totally at odds with the "office fires" scenario, heavily sulfidated steel and partly evaporated steel members from WTC7 that were fireproofed with Monokote MK-5 which (according to NIST-sponsored tests on thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity at Anter Laboratories) outperforms the Cafco Blaze-Shield types DC/F and II used in the Towers.

Pre-2001 studies found that the WTC Towers would survive a 600 mph impact from a jetliner, and predicted that the buildings would remain standing even if all of the jet fuel had been dumped inside and ignited a horrendous fire that killed many people. Apart from the three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001, there have never been any instances of steel-framed high-rises that totally collapsed as a result of fire. It just doesn't happen. And everyone agrees that the structural damage - much exaggerated in the case of Building 7 that was not even hit by a plane - was insufficient to bring down the buildings. In subsequent tests sponsored by NIST on corresponding floor assemblies subjected to greater heat exposure and protected with less fireproofing than at the WTC on 9/11, it was found that the test specimens "were able to sustain the maximum design load" without collapsing for as long as the tests were run: 2 to 3 1/2 hours.

The absurdity of the "WTC was nuked" hoax

An excellent refutation of the "WTC was nuked" claims was provided by Dr. Steven E. Jones, entitled "Hard Evidence Repudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers". He summarized a few key points as:

  1. Observation of tritium (an important component of hydrogen-bomb fuel) at WTC sites at the few nano-curie level only. This is strong evidence against the mini-nuke hypothesis.
  2. The fact that radioactive iodine concentrations were actually lower in the upper/WTC debris-filled layers.
  3. Radioactive hot-spots in NYC were found to be due to radium, which is traceable to industrial uses (not bombs). This in itself does not rule out mini-nukes, but these data certainly do not support the mini-nuke hypothesis.
  4. Lioy et al. report that radioactivity from thorium, uranium, actinium series and other radionuclides is at or near the background level for WTC dust.
  5. Nuclear activation or residual "fall-out" radioactivity (above background) was NOT observed, in tests performed by the author on actual WTC samples. This result is consistent with the low Iodine-131 measured by independent researchers (point 2 above) and the low radionuclide counts (point 4 above) and again provides compelling evidence against the mini-nuke-at-Towers hypothesis.
  6. No fatalities due to radiation "burning" were reported near ground zero. William Rodriguez survived the North Tower collapse.
  7. No observed melting of glass due to the collapse-process of the Towers.
  8. One more: The mini-nuke idea fails completely for WTC 7 where vertically-directed plumes of dust were absent during the collapse, and the building fell quite neatly onto its own footprint. (Molten metal was observed under the WTC7 rubble as well.)

Some promoters of the "nuclear demolitions" baloney, such as Gordon Duff, cite as 'evidence' a claim that 9/11 first responders have been dying from "radiation sickness".


Source: Veterans Today

This particular brand of idiocy is dealt with in an article by Kevin Ryan entitled "Energetic Materials as a Potential Cause of the 9/11 First Responder Illnesses".

However, the fact that there is less evidence for nuclear explosions at the WTC than there is of Elvis living underwater in Loch Ness makes no odds to the liars and shills who cover for Israel's central role in 9/11. The "WTC was nuked" disinformation is being propagated by Zionist agents whose job is to portray 9/11 truth advocates as slack-brained, knuckle-dragging, scientifically illiterate, paranoid buffoons. An individual who was too gormless to understand concepts such as tritium concentration, isotopes of iodine, radioactive fallout, neutron activation or electromagnetic pulses (EMP, an extremely low frequency component is present in underground nuclear explosions even when high frequencies are attenuated) would similarly be incapable of seeing through the 9/11 deception to understand that the crime was not perpetrated by "Arabs" with "box cutters". Thus, the ragtag assortment of so-called "truth tellers" and bogus "physicists" who claim that the WTC was demolished with nuclear bombs or "devices" are clearly being deliberately deceptive. The interesting thing about Dimitri Khalezov and his fellow Israel shill Gordon Duff is that they can be seen to have gone totally over the top with their claims, guaranteeing that they will only enjoy the support of tinfoil conspiracy kooks, and turning away any reasonably-minded, rational people who were beginning to investigate the truth about 9/11.


Source: YouTube

Review of the Barrett - Khalezov - Duff broadcast of 2/18/11

The reviews on this page mainly relate to the Truth Jihad Radio broadcast of February 18, 2011, which may be downloaded from:

Kevin Barrett interviews Dimitri Khalezov and Gordon Duff. The audio is also available minus the breaks, which chops 30 minutes off the original two hours. See the videos at the following links:

Times quoted below relating to this February 18 show are the times into the 90-minute video.

Kevin Barrett kicks off with a general summary of Dimitri Khalezov's claims. Khalezov, whose main claim to fame is his peddling of the "WTC was nuked" nonsense, purports to be a Russian "specialist in nuclear weapons" who got acquainted with Mossad operations chief Michael Harari because they were both based in Bangkok, and Harari needed an interpreter who could speak Russian and English. Harari was born in 1927, so would have been 74 at the time of 9/11. Most of his Mossad activities took place in the Seventies. At around 8:00, Gordon Duff says that Khalezov "volunteered to take a lie detector test", the last time Duff and Barrett talked with him. Duff then invites Khalezov to give his account of what happened on September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11.

Khalezov claims to have had breakfast with Harari and his son on the morning of September 12, 2001, at 7:00 a.m. Bangkok time. The elder Harari was said to be "almost dancing", and supposedly bragged of "organizing 9/11". This little bit of disinformation from Khalezov is rather reminiscent of a story about a "conversation in Hebrew" that was promoted in 2006 by a certain Texas-based "patriot" who "supports the Jewish State of Israel" (listen to this video at 3:10), a "patriot" who readily admits his wife is of Jewish descent (1:34 in this video) and whose advertisers are Jewish. At 11:05, Khalezov says he "used to know some other Mossad agents in Bangkok", who eventually introduced him to Mike Harari, who needed a Russian interpreter who understood weapons terminology.

Duff says (12:46), "There were nuclear demolition materials built into the base of the buildings in the World Trade Center", and this was "a secret project done in coordination with the US government." Barrett (around 1:07:30) later confirms the claim that the nuclear "demolition devices" were "installed beneath the Twin Towers when they were built." Given that the North Tower was completed in December 1972 and the South Tower in July 1973, that would bring the Nixon administration into the plot. Richard Nixon couldn't even cover up Watergate, yet the "nukes built into the basement" conspiracy was supposedly kept under wraps for nearly 40 years!

This Barrett show has plenty of extravagant claims, apart from 9/11. For example, Khalezov says, after encouragement from Duff (15:15), that the Russians detected a "nuclear explosion" under Chernobyl in 1986, a "mini-nuke" under the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl plant. He goes on to suggest that the Chernobyl disaster was triggered by some group associated with the New World Order project, possibly the Freemasons, who used a "mini-nuke" to make it appear as if the reactor had "exploded on its own", in order to damage the nuclear power industry.

The generally accepted view is that the 1983 twin bombings in Beirut of the US and French barracks involved the equivalent of six tons of TNT delivered by a "gas-enhanced device", similar to a fuel-air / thermobaric weapon. Khalezov claims (18:00 - 18:40) that both bombs were "nuclear", equivalent to "100 tons" of TNT. Decades later, as of 2002, the International Monitoring System - which monitors the "tens of thousands of [daily] seismic events" in an attempt to identify clandestine nuclear tests or explosions - was understood to have a detection threshold of 1 to 2 kilotons. However, in 2006 the IMS detected North Korea's nuclear test - reckoned to be "less than one kiloton" - still a far cry from six or even 100 tons, and helped by the fact that Pyongyang had provided six days' advance warning of its intentions.

The September 16, 1999 bombing of an apartment building in Volgodonsk, Russia, allegedly by Chechen separatists, was a nuclear device, according to Duff and Khalezov (27:30). They make a seemingly interesting point that a CNN report - which was apparently later pulled – said the bomb was equivalent to 300 tons of TNT, and they asked how you can fit that much conventional explosive into a "postal van". That CNN report quotes "100-300 tons of TNT", and says the explosives were either hidden in a "truck" or an "underground pipe". However, the explosive was found to be RDX (hexogen), which has about 1.5 times the explosive power of TNT, Each bomb in the series of Russian apartment explosions is believed to have contained 200 to 300 kilograms of hexogen of Russian manufacture, and the CNN report obviously confused tons with kilograms.

Gennadiy Seleznyov, Russian Duma speaker of the Communist party, announced to the Russian Parliament that an apartment building had been blown up in Volgodonsk on September 13, hours after the second of two apartment bombings in Moscow, but three days before the Volgodonsk explosion. Then, on September 22, FSB agents were caught red-handed planting a bomb in Ryazan. They unconvincingly claimed the bomb was a fake made of "sugar" and the exercise was simply to test local vigilance, but the local police found the sacks contained hexogen attached to a timer and detonator. The motive for the 1999 false-flag apartment bombing campaign was to get Vladimir Putin elected in a fervour of patriotic support and to provide a pretext to invade Chechnya, following Russia's humiliating defeat in the First Chechen War. Thus, the Russian government, rather than "Chechen terrorists", is the prime suspect for the Volgodonsk blast. But the explosion was not of nuclear origin.

Khalezov says (29:40) that Harari and a younger Mossad agent traveled to Indonesia around the time of the Bali bombings of 2002, and a "mini-nuke" was used (31:40). Barrett says he had the late Joe Vialls on his show talking about the Bali bombings. Vialls claimed a "micro nuke" was used at Bali, but he also alleged that "New York" (i.e., the Jews) orchestrated the 2004 Asian tsunami, and the Soham child-killer Ian Huntley is innocent.

At 32:35, Khalezov claims he was arrested in connection with the Bali bombings, with the US government seeking his extradition. He asserts (34:10) that he was in jail for about a year and a month before the extradition charges were dropped. He says Harari was arrested on 12th October 2003, and he subsequently claims it was for "terrorism" in connection with the Bali bombings, then he says that he, Khalezov, was arrested twice, the first time on 13th August 2003, but the case was closed "on the spot" after he paid off the police – he later says he bribed them to the tune of "30,000 Euros / dollars". Then he says he was arrested again on 6th November 2003.

Khobar Towers (1996) and Oklahoma City (1995) were also nuke jobs, according to Khalezov (47:55 and 55:50).

Duff says (1:00:04) he'd rather take "Dimitri's evidence", the "only witness", as someone who has the "credibility of being involved", a "nuclear weapons specialist who has a proven relationship with Mike Harari, a long relationship with of course the Mossad operations chief." Duff attempts to discredit the overwhelming scientific physical evidence of thermite- or similar accelerant-based demolitions by complaining that "the idea of how [9/11] was done – the science has taken precedence over the crime itself." As of course it should, since the physical, forensic proof of controlled demolitions is far, far stronger evidence than the word of some two-bit disinformation merchant who serves as an asset to the Russian, US and Israeli governments. So it is hardly surprising that Duff tries to focus attention on "the crime itself", as opposed to the actual evidence. Duff claims, "We have direct testimony as who did it [...] and we have the evidence to bring a court case right now." Albeit one that would be doomed to failure, as the disinformation brokers are well aware. And Duff, predictably, claims the science is just "opinion". No it is not. Real scientists know that chemical accelerants were involved; liars and kooks plump for "nukes" or "direct energy beam weapons".

Duff is confirmed as a Zionist shill in the style of Jon Elinoff – he either covers for Israel, or if he does name the Mossad as involved in 9/11, he mixes in so much disinformation and sheer absurdities that the message is totally discredited when seen by anyone with any common sense or scientific knowledge.

From the subversion to the ridiculous

Khalezov makes his easily refuted, outrageous claims about 9/11, starting at around 1:06:00, when he is asked by Duff when he learnt about the nuclear "engineering devices" that were "built into the sub-basement" of the WTC. He says, "What I knew from my former service under the Soviet Special Control Service, is that under the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, there were special nuclear demolition devices intended for the emergency demolition of the Twin Towers. And these devices was (sic) 150 kilotons thermonuclear charges, placed at the depths of 77 meters (253 feet) beneath, under the surface of the earth, or 50 meters below the foundations of the Twin Towers."

The effects of underground nuclear explosions are well documented. The Sedan underground nuclear test of July 6, 1962 used a 104 kT fusion-fission device lowered into a shaft 636 feet deep, sending a radioactive dust cloud 16,000 feet into the atmosphere and resulting in significant levels of fallout as far away as Tennessee (nearly 2,000 miles from the Sedan crater in Nevada). It displaced 12 million tons of earth, and opened up a crater 1,280 feet wide.


See here for further images and reports. No such event was observed on 9/11.

The Baneberry underground nuclear test of December 18, 1970, was only 10 kT, and buried 900 feet (274 m.) below ground, but there was a radioactive release that reached more than 10,000 feet into the atmosphere. (Cf. 1,368 feet, height of WTC1.)

At around 1:07:30, Barrett refers to "the demolition devices that were installed beneath the Twin Towers when they were built, were 150 kiloton nuclear devices, buried 77 metres beneath the surface". Duff has gone AWOL for a while at this point, and Khalezov makes the outrageous claims around 1:10:20 that the "blueprint" was "not classified in the Seventies" or "before 9/11", they "discussed that in the newspapers", and it was "public knowledge, believe me", in the Seventies "it was even discussed publicly". Unfortunately for Khalezov, although he claims to remember that, there is no evidence to support his claims, nor will there ever be any such evidence.

Soon after 1:13:00 Khalezov describes his most preposterous claim, strictly for those dead from the neck up – that New York officials decided to demolish the Towers because a nuclear-armed "cruise missile" had been fired into the Pentagon. Rather like Elinoff conflates several disinformation concepts, Khalezov combines the "nuclear demolitions" hoax with the "cruise missile" myth.

Khalezov says, "...the missile that was fired into the Pentagon was used as a pretext to demolish the World Trade Center [...] when the missile was fired into the Pentagon and found unexploded there, it was with a nuclear warhead, okay, and the fact that the missile found in the middle of the Pentagon was a nuclear missile was used by some people to convince the American officials in New York that the planes that hit the Twin Towers also had similar nuclear warheads inside the planes, and that this warhead stuck inside the Tower, I mean on the upper floors of the Twin Towers, and the warhead would produce atmospheric nuclear explosions over the high yield [...] that would be enough to incinerate the entire New York. So the American officials took this information very seriously, because the missile in the Pentagon was a very convincing argument, and they decided to demolish the Twin Towers to prevent that atmospheric nuclear explosions by those alleged warheads on top of the Towers."

Barrett says Khalezov's claim "sounds a bit hard to believe because the Pentagon was struck at 9:31 point something [according to some speculation about stopped clocks by an 'ex'-White House asset and "military affairs journalist" at the Naval Postgraduate School, the very sort of person whose testimony the no-planers reject on the grounds that they were "in on it"] or 9:36 point something [...] and the first Tower came down - the South Tower came down at something like 10:46." In fact, the Pentagon was hit at 9:37:46 and the South Tower began to collapse at 9:59:04, leaving the "officials" in New York, the Pentagon, NORAD, etc, with a mere 21 minutes and 18 seconds to ascertain that the "cruise missile" had a "nuclear warhead", to communicate with each other, to inductively reason (in this fictitious, nonsensical scenario) that the 9/11 planes that hit the Towers might also have contained nuclear warheads, to make the decision to "pull", and to find which buttons they had to press in order to "pull". Inexplicably, they then wait almost another 30 minutes to "pull" the North Tower. And it doesn't explain WTC7.

Khalezov makes a funny statement about how "The problem is that this story was well arranged." It's rather like he means a great deal of effort went into concocting his story, and he's not happy at having it debunked by Barrett. Khalezov continues with, "The missile that was fired into the Pentagon was detected by NORAD about a minimum of seven minutes before it hit the Pentagon..." Barrett asks how they knew that the missile was carrying a nuclear warhead. Khalezov says NORAD has an identification for all Soviet missiles, so they knew it was nuclear as soon as they detected it. He continues with a claim that "you have to presume that anything, which, any missile that is attacking America is nuclear."

In other words, Khalezov postulates a missile without providing any evidence for his claim, and then uses this assertion to 'explain' his bizarre conspiracy theory about a decision taken by New York officials to demolish the Towers with pre-installed thermonuclear "demolition devices". An amusing contradiction in Khalezov's 'explanation' about "nuclear warheads" on planes that had crashed into the Towers prompting a decision to demolish the Towers is that Khalezov has also promoted the "no planes at the WTC" lunacy. Khalezov peddled the nonsense about "TV fakery" and a claim that "Judging from the point of view of physics it was not technically possible for empty aluminum planes to penetrate such thick steel, irrespective of the planes’ speeds." In Khalezov's unravelling web of lies, the New York officials supposedly "knew" that a "missile" with a "nuclear" warhead had been fired into the Pentagon, but they had been duped into thinking "fake" planes were real.

Duff returns online, and Khalezov explains that he was discussing why the American officials decided to demolish the Towers. There is then some discussion about Granite / Granit cruise missiles. Khalezov says the Granit missile (from the Russian Kursk submarine) that hit the Pentagon was stolen, and that it could be fired from any platform, most likely a ship, as it's easier to fire from the surface since a submarine has to be modified.

The Rayelan Rumor Mill News 2/22/11 interview of Duff and Khalezov

This is available from:

At about 2:00, Dimitri Khalezov talks about the "nuclear warhead that was similar to the nuclear warhead of the missile that hit the Pentagon." He says, "The American officials had no choice than to believe them, and they decided to collapse the Tower[s] to prevent atmospheric nuclear explosions." At 2:30, Gordon Duff asks him about his source for "this information", and Khalezov agrees with Duff's suggestion that it was an "FBI agent" who told him - in 2007. At 3:30 Duff asks Khalezov to confirm that, as a "member of the Soviet nuclear forces", he became aware, "due to a treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States, that there were nuclear demolitions placed under the World Trade Center, by the US government." Here it sounds like Duff is the tail wagging the dog. Then Duff gets Khalezov to talk about his relationship with Mike Harari. "Deputy Chief of Mossad [...] the CIA borrowed him from the Mossad." As Israel's shill, Duff attempts to shift the blame from the Rothschilds' international Zionist Mafia to the US government, who are merely puppets of the Rothschilds' crime syndicate.

At 11:40, Duff talks about the "nuclear devices" under the WTC and says they're not "mini-nukes"; they're "thermonuclear devices, demolition devices underneath the World Trade Center..." At 17:20, Duff claims that "nuclear munitions are used under major buildings in the US, in a highly secretive program." Since there is no evidence of such a program and nobody with an IQ above room temperature believes such a program to exist, Duff has no option but to claim the "program" is "highly secretive".

The Duff - Khalezov kaput view of conspiracies

So let's get this straight. According to Dimitri Khalezov and Gordon Duff, 150 kTon thermonuclear "demolition devices" were installed beneath the Towers when they were built, the Nixon administration was in on it and managed to cover it up until Khalezov "exposed" it 35 years later, the choice of 150 kTon - which must have been settled before December 1972 when the North Tower was completed - was determined by the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty for which negotiations began in Moscow on October 7, 1974 and were concluded in April 1976 with the Treaty becoming legally enforceable on December 11, 1990, Rudy Giuliani and the New York authorities were tricked by the 9/11 perpetrators into detonating three 150 kTon thermonuclear devices in Manhattan in an attempt to prevent potential devastation to the City of New York from suspected nuclear warheads that might or might not have existed on crashed planes that in reality had been "faked" and were lying a quarter of a mile above two of those alleged 150 kTon devices, after a "missile" with a "nuclear" warhead was fired into the Pentagon and, conveniently for this 'theory', did not detonate even though the missile smashed through the Pentagon facade and hence according to Duff and Khalezov "explains" why there is no evidence of their claim of a nuclear cruise missile at the Pentagon, and an aging former top Mossad agent "confessed" to having masterminded 9/11 to a Russian Gentile whom he employed as an interpreter.

Or a Russian Jew, as the case may be. The variant Khalizov is a Jewish surname that appears in records "without the city of Minsk", and it's in category D in the Consolidated Jewish Surname database.

Here's an example of how Khalezov distorts the facts to suit his agenda of "poisoning the well" and sabotaging the truth movement for the benefit of the 9/11 perpetrators. Khalezov claims:

The picture below shows an example of that fine microscopic dust that covered all over Manhattan after the WTC demolition. Many people mistakenly believed that it was allegedly "concrete dust". No, it was not. It was "complete" dust - mainly pulverized steel. Despite common misconception, the WTC structures did not contain much concrete. Concrete was used only in some limited quantities to make very thin floors slabs in the Twin Towers construction. It was not used anywhere else. The major part of the WTC Twin Towers was steel, not concrete. So this finest dust was in its major part represented by steel dust accordingly. Though, it was not only "steel dust" alone - it was also a "furniture dust", "wood dust", "paper dust", "carpet dust", "computer parts dust" and even "human dust", since remaining in the Towers human beings were pulverized in the same manner as steel, concrete and furniture.

However, contrary to Khalezov's version of events, each Tower contained more concrete than steel. There was nearly 100,000 tons of steel per Tower. Some reports quote "425,000 cubic yards of concrete" used in the WTC construction, which would be up to 338,094 tons per Tower. That figure is clearly too high, but a more reasonable estimate places it at more than 120,000 tons. And given that the approximately 1,887 kg/m^3 density for the mix of lightweight and normal-weight concrete is less than one-quarter that of the 7,860 kg/m^3 for steel, the volume of concrete was certainly more than five times the volume of steel. See here for calculations and further information.

Steel inventory, tons per Tower

27,900 Exterior columns and spandrels, 9th to 107th floor
12,950 Rolled columns and beams above 9th floor, in cores;
also exterior wall steel above 107th floor
3,400 Perimeter bifurcation columns (trees) 4th to 9th floor
6,800 Perimeter box cols. below the bifurcation cols. to 4th floor
6,500 Core box columns below the 9th floor
15,550 Core box columns above 9th floor and built-up beams
6,000 Support for slabs below grade
3,023 Steel decking
4,949 Grillages
11,261 Floor trusses
98,333 TOTAL

Concrete inventory, tons per Tower

68,159 Regular office floors, 91 off at 749 tons (average)
42,874 Heavy floors, 26 off at 1649 tons (average)
7,166 Core foundations
4,181 Perimeter foundations
122,380 TOTAL

Each of the regular office floors had about 750 tons of concrete: the core was 5-inch normal-weight and the remainder was 4-inch lightweight concrete. The mechanical floors had 5.75-inch normal-weight throughout, and the heavy floors 43 and 77 had 8-inch normal-weight within the core and 7.75-inch normal-weight elsewhere. So these slabs were not "very thin", and the concrete was not used only in "limited quantities" as Khalezov suggests. The dust was mostly comprised of concrete, although there was of course the unreacted thermitic material in the form of red-gray chips, and the iron spherules which were the product of energetic materials used in the demolitions.

Dimitri Khalezov's weak responses to those who doubt his "nukes at WTC" thesis

Note: Khalezov's idiosyncratic responses are rather untidy, as he tends to quote a few words from the person he is replying to, insert a few &mdash or &#8212 "long dash" characters followed by his response, then starts the next quote in the next paragraph. However, some of his remarks are quite humorous, and he would be better suited to comedy than disinformation broking.

Khalezov, as part of his 'explanation' of the barmy "no planes at the WTC" theory, claims that the "Freemasons" planted the aircraft parts found in the vicinity of the WTC - managing to embed them for example on the back of a car and on a WTC1 exterior panel, to plant them on roofs, in the street, etc, and no one noticed.



In the below exchanges, the critic refers to Khalezov as "Ivan" rather than "Dimitri". However, Khalezov confirms he really is peddling the ludicrous claim about the New York authorities being tricked into demolishing the WTC in a series of demolitions with thermonuclear devices.



Khalezov claims there is no such thing as nano-thermite, and, in keeping with NIST and other shills, denies the existence of molten iron that poured from WTC2 in the minutes prior to collapse.





If Gordon Duff and Dimitri Khalezov were really so silly as to believe their claims about nuclear "demolition devices" having been installed beneath the Towers in the early Seventies with government approval, based on some "intelligence" that Khalezov had allegedly received - e.g. from an FBI agent, they would be demonstrating such an incredible gullibility, misunderstanding of politics and lack of common sense, etc., that this is not a realistic possibility. It is pretty obvious that the politicians who purported to have been fooled by "intelligence" about Iraq's so-called WMDs were almost all, if not indeed all, lying, yet Iraqi WMDs was nowhere near as crazy an idea as that of pre-installed nuclear "demolition devices" for high-rise buildings. Since the "nukes installed under the WTC in the early Seventies" claim is so preposterous it may be dismissed out of hand by anyone who is not stark, staring bonkers, Khalezov must have lied when he claimed to have become aware of the alleged 150 kTon devices from his "former service under the Soviet Special Control Service." It is also clear that, not only should the 'work' of Duff and Khalezov be shunned by genuine investigators of 9/11, but anyone foolish enough to recommend them is, at best, so lacking in judgment that their opinions on any other matter are rendered worthless, and at worst, a partner in deception and cover up.

The disinformation agents have really gone overboard with these claims about pre-installed nukes at the WTC, which reflect their increasing desperation. The idea that nineteen drinking, cocaine snorting, gambling, womanizing, "devout" Muslims with box cutters who could not even fly a Cessna would have the ability or the inclination to hijack four planes, turn off the transponders, crash one of them into the Pentagon at 530 mph with the engines two feet clear of the lawn, and that three steel-framed high-rises would totally collapse from "office fires", leaving tons of molten iron in the debris and iron spherules and unreacted thermitic material in the dust, a mere six weeks after two Jewish billionaires, who happened to be friends of four prime ministers of a certain country sitting on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a history of staging false-flag terrorism and a known "capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act", should happen to have taken over the lease for those high-rises and insured the buildings against terror attacks with a clause releasing them from their obligations under the terms of the 99-year lease in the event of terror attacks, after only two of the buildings were hit by a plane, is too absurd for anyone above the level of borderline retard to accept once they become aware of the facts. Hence, the disinformation shills are forced to resort to even more preposterous nonsense such as "holographic planes" and "nuclear demolition devices", in order to make it seem as if the only alternative to the "box cutters" lunacy is the "faked planes" or the "nukes under the WTC" insanity, as a distraction from the simple truth: that the political leadership of Western 'democracies' is sponsored by and in thrall to Jewish plutocrats, who orchestrate global events to suit their agenda of establishing a New World Order - namely, their age-old dream of a "Jewish Utopia", with their control of the mainstream media and their puppet 'leaders' a prerequisite for the 9/11 cover up.

Gordon Duff admits to writing 40% disinformation

Here is the transcript from a November 2012 video:

Mike Harris: “What suggestions do you make to the people who wanna make a difference and wanna make this country a free country again?”
Gordon Duff: “Well, you know, I’d like to tell you to go, only go on the, uh, internet and read alternative news websites. The problem is, 95% of the websites that say 80% of what Mike and I are saying... Take the, uh... We, even we’ve been hijacked. My own words show up almost continually [fades, over to next audio clip]... I don’t know any imaginable way you can get information. First of all because, about 30% based on what I believe, and that... and you know what, who, who says I’m right? Consider, according to my beliefs, and I have as good, uh, access to information as anyone in the world probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposely partially false, because if I, if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write, anything I write, I write between the lines.”

The original video was pulled from YouTube, but it has been mirrored (links not provided, as the mirror(s) would then vanish too). According to the annotation at the start of the video, the source of the audio clip is “Mike Harris – Short End of the Stick”, October 12, 2012, RBN program archives. However, RBN's archives of SEOTS only go up to September 14, 2012 at the time of writing. The October SEOTS archives have disappeared, strange as it may seem.