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There are still millions of people who are laboring under the delusion that "suicidal Arab hijackers" carried out the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon. This dwindling band of laggards are the 21st century equivalent of Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda who, until 9 March 1974, did not realise WWII had ended.


A Google search for the phrase "for 9/11 truth" demonstrates just how many groups are working to counter the deceptions and injustices: scientists, architects, engineers, scholars, pilots, fire-fighters, medical professionals, etc. More than 1,500 verified architectural and engineering professionals have called for a new investigation and cited evidence of controlled demolitions at all three collapsed WTC steel-framed high-rises: the Twin Towers and WTC7. Dozens of experts, from structural engineers to architects, physicists, mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineering graduates, PhD scientists, fire protection engineers, fire-fighters, electrical design engineers, explosives technicians, etc, may be seen on the ae911truth channel on YouTube, explaining why they know the 9/11 official conspiracy theory is a pack of lies.


A plethora of "smoking gun" evidence refuting the bogus claims of fire-induced collapses has been apparent for years. This includes numerous reports of molten steel and molten metal found in the debris pile - some of which was analyzed and found to be abundant in iron.




Other smoking gun evidence included iron-rich spherules indicating a previously molten state that were found in the WTC dust (including a sample collected ten minutes after collapse of the North Tower, eliminating the possibility of contamination from the clean up), an orange-yellow flow of molten material from the South Tower caught on video in the minutes preceding collapse indicative of an iron-rich melt and totally at odds with the "office fires" scenario, heavily sulfidated steel, and partly evaporated steel members from WTC7 that were fireproofed with Monokote MK-5 which (according to NIST-sponsored tests on thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity at Anter Laboratories) outperforms the Cafco Blaze-Shield types DC/F and II used in the Towers. WTC7, which was not even hit by an aircraft, completely collapsed at near free-fall speed into its footprint. Consider the example below of a Tower that was felled like a tree. The video is available for download here.




Pre-2001 studies found that the WTC Towers would survive a 600 mph impact from a jetliner, and predicted that the buildings would remain standing even if all of the jet fuel had been dumped inside and ignited a horrendous fire that killed many people. Apart from the three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001, there have never been any instances of steel-framed high-rises that totally collapsed as a result of fire, and Building 7 was not even struck by a plane. The molten iron - a product of a thermite reaction - is corroborated by the Fe spheres data, the WTC2 video evidence, and the discovery of red/gray chips that produced iron-rich spherules upon heating to 700 °C. (For more on the significance of those red/gray chips, and what they actually are, see here.)


The forensic evidence conclusively refutes the government account of events on 9/11. Even under adequate ventilation, the gas temperatures attained in hydrocarbon-fuelled compartment fires - where the fuel in any given location typically burns for about 20 minutes before being consumed - are much lower than temperatures attained in thermite reactions and are incapable of melting iron or steel. In the case of the compartment fire, there is abundant nitrogen in the mix that also requires heating in the absence of oxygen enhancement, and because of endothermic (heat-absorbing) dissociation reactions (e.g. CO2 goes back to CO and ½O2 at high temperatures), and due to the higher specific heats of the products H2O and CO2 compared to iron. Oxidation of atmospheric (diatomic) nitrogen is endothermic, which is just as well otherwise the world would be a much more dangerous place!


Although underground coal fires can reach appreciable temperatures - coal being the operative word - the WTC pile was smothered with scores of thousands of tons of concrete dust, and in the first ten days was hosed with approximately three million gallons of water from fire-fighting efforts, drenched with another million gallons of rainwater, and another 26 million gallons leaked from the Hudson river or from broken mains in the same period, with the combined thirty million gallons being pumped out of the PATH train tunnel to prevent flooding. The spraying continued for months afterwards, and the Fire Department used thousands of gallons of a foaming agent called Pyrocool FEF, which reduces the surface tension of water, allowing it to flow over and coat surfaces. It also absorbs emissions from a fire and re-emits at a longer wavelength. By weight, the debris pile was about 97% non-combustibles, mostly concrete and steel. As for the 3% combustibles, these were mostly either cold or already consumed, and the isolated pockets of fresh combustibles would have been thermally insulated by concrete thereby remaining cool, in addition to being oxygen-starved, or soaked if not smothered. Comparing underground coal fires with watered, foamed, smothered fires comprised of 97% non-combustibles such as concrete and steel is like comparing apples and oranges. Any regular fires would have been extinguished, and should not have melted any metal for weeks on end, let alone iron or steel.


There are literally hundreds of architects and engineers around the world, including structural engineers, who reject the official account as inconsistent with the facts and the laws of nature.




1946: July 22. Menachem Begin's Irgun Jewish terrorists dress as Arabs and bomb the King David Hotel, killing 92 people. The Irgun also plot to assassinate British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin; fortunately, this conspiracy is foiled by MI6.


1948: May 14. David Ben-Gurion declares the independence of the new Zionist State of Israel, born from deception and from the blood of victims of Jewish terrorism hours before the British Mandate is due to expire. It takes effect at midnight, Tel Aviv time. May 15. Eleven minutes after midnight, U.S. President Harry Truman officially recognises the proclaimed Jewish state in Palestine.


1954: July. An Israeli spy ring is arrested in Egypt. These Israeli secret service agents have been assigned to attack U.S. and British interests in Egypt. "Operation Susannah" is a typical example of false-flag terrorism in which the perpetrators pin the blame on another party - in this case, Egypt and "the Arabs" - for political gain. The operation is unsuccessful, the Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon is forced to resign as a result of the scandal, and the incident becomes known as the Lavon Affair.


1967: June 8. Israel carries out a sustained air and naval attack on the USS Liberty for over an hour, employing torpedoes, machine guns and napalm rockets, even to the extent of machine-gunning lifeboats launched to save the most seriously wounded. 34 men are killed and more than 170 wounded.


1983: Christopher Bollyn marries Bosmat Merimsky, a Jew who works for Israeli military intelligence at Herzliya. She wants to marry an American in order to gain entry to the USA. The marriage lasts for two years.


1986: American journalist and author Michael Collins Piper, in an article for The Spotlight, exposes Roy Edward Bullock as a full-time professional operative and informant for the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). Bullock, a homosexual from San Francisco whose information is passed on to both Israel and the South African government, poses as an "art dealer", a "populist" and a "good patriot". He is paid $550 a week plus expenses by the ADL. Twenty years later, Piper goes on to write a book The Judas Goats about the tactics of these treacherous infiltrators.


1987: Jonathan Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, is convicted of spying for Israel. It is not the only case, not by a long way.


1991: Israeli security officials inspect the garage of Zim American Israeli Shipping in the WTC, and conclude that the WTC garage is vulnerable to a car bomb.


1993: February 26. The WTC garage is hit by a car bomb. The FBI has been aware of the plot via their informant Emad Salem yet let it go ahead, killing six and injuring more than a thousand in the resulting fires after a plan to substitute harmless powder for the explosives was called off by an FBI supervisor. According to Israeli intelligence sources, Ahmad Ajaj, involved in the early stages of the plot, was a Mossad mole. There now exists a pretext for subsequent "fireproofing upgrades".


1994: July 11. Months after the publication of Michael Collins Piper's book Final Judgment - which is about the role of Zionists, Israel, and its intelligence service Mossad in the JFK assassination - Christopher Bollyn and his second wife Helje Kaskel sign the guest book at the offices of Liberty Lobby, publisher of The Spotlight, forerunner to the American Free Press, a weekly newspaper with a populist and nationalist political orientation. Piper has been a contributor to the American Free Press since its inception in 2001, and wrote for The Spotlight for more than twenty years.


1995: Benjamin Netanyahu, former unit team leader in the IDF's elite special forces unit Sayeret Matkal and future Israeli Premier (1996-9 and 2009-), writes about "militant Islam" bringing down the World Trade Center. Benjamin's father Benzion was secretary and pallbearer to Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky who founded the Revisionist Zionist Alliance, a militant faction within Zionism. Benzion's mentor was Abba Ahimeir, Jabotinsky's lieutenant, who wrote a column in the Revisionist Zionist magazine Doar Hayom. Under the title "From the Notebook of a Fascist", Ahimeir would praise Mussolini and refer to Jabotinsky as "our Duce", and said that Hitler is on the right track but for his "excessive anti-Semitism". The Irgun Zvai Leumi was one of several Jewish terrorist organizations inspired by Jabotinsky's movement. Menachem Begin was, like Benzion Netanyahu, another close disciple of Jabotinsky. Begin was the final commander of the Irgun in 1946 when its Jewish terrorists dressed as Arabs and blew up the King David Hotel.


1996: After Netanyahu is "unexpectedly" elected Israeli Prime Minister in the wake of a wave of so-called "suicide bombings", the Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies publishes a paper for him entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.


1997: April. Mike Piper is being tailed by the Bollyn - Kaskel couple in Cancun, Mexico, where he spots them in a cigar store. Source: The Piper Report, Monday June 22, 2009, available from the RBN archives. September 24/25. Members of the Mossad's Kidon (bayonet) unit arrive in Jordan. Two of them travelling with fake Canadian passports have been assigned to execute Hamas leader Khaled Mashal. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chaired the Israeli "Committee X" that decided on the assassination. As in Operation Susannah, the plan goes badly wrong. The attempt to poison Mashal with nerve gas is interrupted before he is killed outright, the two Mossad assassins are arrested, and four of their teammates end up trapped in the Israeli Embassy in Amman. Israel has to bargain for their release by providing an antidote to save Mashal and by freeing another Hamas leader and other prisoners. Netanyahu only agrees to provide the antidote after pressure from Bill Clinton. Efraim Halevy is sent in to defuse the situation and get the Israelis out. For his handling of the affair, Halevy is awarded the job of Director of the Mossad.


1998: January 17. News breaks via the Drudge Report of a sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, who is of Russian Jewish descent. Clinton would have been vulnerable to blackmail by, for example, a "foreign embassy" that was tapping his telephones. January 20. Benjamin Netanyahu, whose government is in a weak position domestically but who has a few more aces up his sleeve, arrives in Washington for talks with Bill Clinton. November / December. Philip Zelikow, a Jewish American writer and historian, co-authors an article which describes a "transforming event" rather like "Pearl Harbor", which would "divide our past and future into a before and after". In another few years, Zelikow will be the executive director of the "9/11 Commission".


1999: May 28. The website domain emperors-clothes.com is created by Jared Israel. September 16. Jared Israel posts a fairly lengthy article at the Emperor's Clothes website, taking a position that is critical of the U.S. government and of the New York Times' bias towards U.S. government policy. The article Credible Deceptions has no less than 35 references to "bin Laden", and is rightly skeptical of the notion that "CIA employees" Osama bin Laden et al would have suddenly transformed from employee to enemy. Israel suggests that bin Laden is "an enemy in fiction". Credible Deceptions is said to have been written as early as August 28, 1998, revised September 16, 1999, and reposted February 18, 2001. October 31. Rabbi Dov Zakheim is CEO of SPC International - a world leader in aircraft remote control technology incorporating a "Flight Termination System" capable of simultaneously taking over a number of in-flight aircraft and issuing commands via a "Command Transmitter System". EgyptAir Flight 990 (a Boeing 767) plunges into the Atlantic, killing all 217 on board including 33 Egyptian army officers. No mechanical cause for the crash is ever found, and it is blamed on a "suicidal Muslim" co-pilot, a claim that is publicised by the New York Times, which has been under Jewish ownership since 1896. A few weeks later, bioterrorism "expert" Jerome Hauer announces he will step down from his position as Director of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management early in 2000, having successfully conducted an emergency operation from the OEM, based on the 23rd floor of World Trade Center Building Seven (WTC7), in response to the outbreak of West Nile Fever in the city which occurred the year after he persuaded Mayor Giuliani to develop a vaccine against it. As of 1999 - 2000, the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Indian Head, MD (NSWC-IH), is the "only reliable source of aluminum nanopowders in the United States".


2000: January. Christopher Bollyn gets involved in a dispute at his local library when they initially refuse his request to stock Michael Piper's Final Judgment. He claims to have heard about Piper's book on the internet, and the controversy provides him with a pretext to leave his job at IBM Global Network Services, meet Piper and get involved with The Spotlight which is a critic of Israel and Zionism. Bollyn is recruited as a writer for The Spotlight by self-described Khazar Jerry Myers. More than a hundred Israelis pose as "art students" (January 2000 - September 2001) and attempt to penetrate U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) offices and other federal buildings including 36 sensitive Department of Defense (DoD) sites. May. Piper first "officially" meets the Bollyns in Chicago. At that meeting, Chris mentions that he smoked cigars, and the 1997 encounter comes flashing back to Piper as he realises that Chris and Helje were the striking couple that he'd seen in the cigar store, with the man saying in a squeaky American voice "Hey, cigars". In another bizarre experience, Helje Kaskel shows Piper her nude modelling photos as her husband looks on. June 18. Eric Blane Hufschmid's half-sister Kathryn marries James Murdoch, son and heir apparent to billionaire Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch. September. Rabbi Zakheim of SPC is amongst the signatories to Rebuilding America's Defenses, a report published by The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which wrote of the advantages of a "new Pearl Harbor". November. Christopher Bollyn claims to have received a death threat, but there is no evidence to support the claim. November 13. Eric Hufschmid posts a Usenet message exhibiting a rather Jewish sense of humor: "If you don't mind pornographic photos, this one makes you wonder what other areas the Palm Beach voters have trouble with." In Hufschmid's Usenet message (for more, see here or here), he links to a blog page that was subsequently archived at the Internet archives Wayback Machine, and it can be seen to include images of buttocks and an allusion to sodomy. The page also has a newer entry dated 2001 about "fart lamps". Given that the page's URL and the email address at the bottom of that page contains Hufschmid's initials of ebh, and the writing style is consistent with that of Hufschmid, it is fairly clear that Hufschmid not only linked to the page, but also created it. The point to remember here is that Rupert Murdoch followed the same strategy of using sex and sleaze to make a name for himself.


2001: Fireproofing "upgrades" are being carried out at the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, as also occurred over several years pre-2001. The contract holder is Turner Construction, whose CEO is Tom Leppert. WTC tenants have been completing various modifications throughout the leased spaces. January 20. George W. Bush is sworn in as president, and says, "We will confront weapons of mass destruction...". A clique of warmongers with strong attachments to Israel and PNAC are to achieve power in the Bush administration. February 15. Rupert Murdoch's Fox TV network broadcasts a documentary entitled "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" This weak conspiracy theory has plenty of evidence against it, and very little to support it. The broadcast would help to deflect attention from any actual major criminal conspiracy that might be imminent, by branding those who exposed the crime as "conspiracy theorists" - particularly if someone were to conflate the "Apollo hoax" theory with the real conspiracy. March 4. Fox TV, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a long-time friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, broadcasts the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen TV series, an episode about a plot by a secret cabal within the U.S. government to electronically hijack by remote control a Boeing heading for Boston and divert it to crash into the World Trade Center. The broadcast would help to deflect attention from any imminent false-flag attack by Israel by: (i) Diverting suspicion to the Bush administration. (ii) Reinforcing the concept of an attack based on remote-controlled planes as "fiction" or "conspiracy theory". March 19. Fox TV rebroadcasts its "Moon hoax" conspiracy theory. April. Real estate developer Larry A. Silverstein is still in the running as one of three bidders for the 99-year lease on the World Trade Center, after having been viewed as a "dark horse" who was unlikely to win the deal. However, Port Authority chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg is in charge of negotiations. Eisenberg was a partner of Goldman Sachs for many years, and is on the planning Board of the UJA / United Jewish Federation "charity". Silverstein served as Chairman of the Board of the United Jewish Appeal. July. Six weeks before the WTC is destroyed in terror attacks involving Boeings that, evidence suggests, are electronically hijacked by remote control, Benjamin Netanyahu's friend Larry Silverstein, in partnership with billionaire Australian Frank Lowy who fought "in the Jewish underground", takes control of the WTC lease, and insures the buildings against terror attacks for billions of dollars, with a clause stating that in the event of a terrorist attack, the partners could not only collect the insured value of the property, but would also be released from all of their obligations under the 99-year lease. August 26. New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik leaves for a four-day trip to Israel, where he is to meet government officials to discuss terrorism. The trip has been approved by Mayor Giuliani, with New York taxpayers picking up the tab. August 29. In Jerusalem, Bernard Kerik assures Israeli leaders that the NYPD is "on top of" all potential terrorist threats. See September 16, 2001 and November 8, 2007 for more on Kerik. September 4. The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves out of the WTC, transferring their HQ to Norfolk, Virginia. September 6. In the U.S. stock options market, an extraordinary proportion of trades are betting that the United Airlines price will fall. The put / call ratio is 25, i.e., "puts" are about 96.154 percent of the volume, and "calls" only 3.846 percent, as opposed to a typical 50:50 ratio. September 10. The Washington Times publishes details of a study by the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), which has this to say of Israel's Mossad: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is warned not to fly the next day. An internal memo is sent around Goldman Sachs in Tokyo, advising all employees of a possible terrorist attack against American buildings. Goldman Sachs is a Jewish investment banking firm, with headquarters in Lower Manhattan close to the World Trade Center. In the U.S. stock options market, an extraordinary proportion of trades are betting that the American Airlines stock price will fall. The proportion of "put" options, at more than 80 percent, (85.79 percent at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, according to this source) far exceeds the proportion of "call" options. September 11. Christopher Bollyn is driving through New York City in the early morning hours. Also in New York is Rudy Giuliani. Odigo, an Israeli instant messaging company with offices in Herzliya, Israel, provides two hours' advance warning of an attack on the World Trade Center. Also in Herzliya, which is where Chris Bollyn's first Jewish wife worked for Israeli military intelligence, is the "Interdisciplinary Center" (IDC). The IDC has close connections with Israeli intelligence, and the Annual Herzliya Conference Series is chaired by Prof. Uzi Arad, a former (1997-1999) foreign policy advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu and head of research at the Mossad, where he served for some twenty-five years. At 9:00 a.m., officials at the National Reconnaissance Office, Chantilly, VA, start to run an exercise involving a plane crashing into a tower. Another drill is scheduled at the 97th floor of the WTC South Tower where Fiduciary Trust has offices, and numerous other war games and exercises distract NORAD so that any truly hijacked (electronically or otherwise) planes cannot be intercepted in time. A group of Israelis, some of whom are Mossad agents, park their van and set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers. Uncharacteristically, Larry Silverstein does not breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower that day since he has a "dermatologist's appointment", and another consequence is that his two children, who work at Silverstein Properties, are running late. Silverstein's lucky streak is compounded when each Tower of the WTC complex - which he insured for $billions against terror attacks a mere six weeks ago - is struck by an aircraft in synchronized terror attacks. The Israelis dance and celebrate with high fives and cries of joy and mockery, even prior to the second impact as most onlookers still believe it has been a terrible accident rather than terrorism. George W. Bush is informed by Andrew Card that a second plane has hit the WTC, and continues to read a story about a pet goat to schoolchildren as if nothing has happened. Each Tower completely collapses, mostly into its footprint. There is a remarkable correlation between the impact floors of each Tower that supposedly failed due to "fires", and those floors that had received fireproofing "upgrades", particularly in the case of the North Tower (WTC1). The steel was certified to ASTM E119 by Universal Laboratories. In subsequent tests to be sponsored by NIST on corresponding floor assemblies subjected to greater heat exposure and protected with less fireproofing than at the WTC on 9/11, it will be found that the test specimens "were able to sustain the maximum design load" without collapsing for as long as the tests were run: 2 to 3 1/2 hours. Within hours, Jerome Hauer goes on TV to tell everyone that "It... certainly has the fingerprints of somebody like bin Laden", and that the World Trade Center collapsed because of "the velocity of the plane" and "intense heat probably weakened the structure as well". Hauer reportedly advises the White House to start taking Cipro, an effective antibiotic against anthrax. Five Israelis are arrested that afternoon after tie-ins to the 9/11 attacks are found in their van, such as maps of the city with certain places highlighted. Bomb-sniffing dogs react as if the van has traces of explosives. Another team is caught attempting to blow up the George Washington Bridge with a truck packed with tons of explosives. A "panel truck with a painting of a plane flying into the World Trade Center" is stopped, and found to contain yet another team of "ethnic Middle Eastern people" - i.e., Israelis. There is evidence to suggest that this van exploded. Bush is whisked away to the United States Strategic Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, where Warren Buffett is hosting his annual golf charity event. Ann Tatlock, the CEO of Fiduciary Trust Co. International, having been invited to this charity event, is, like the Silversteins, spared a fiery fate as a plane smashes into her company's offices right where 650 of her employees work, killing 87 of them. Building 7, which was never struck by a plane, completely collapses into its footprint despite the fact that any structural damage or weakening from fires would have been asymmetric. The initial WTC7 collapse is very close to free-fall speed. There are many, many more "coincidences and oddities".


Running in parallel with the above timeline going up to the WTC demolitions is another, shorter timeline relating to the Pentagon attack:


2000: March 3. It is reported that the Pentagon's finances are "in disarray", and that in 1999 the Defense Department's accountants had to make almost $7 trillion in "adjustments" to try to reconcile bookkeeping discrepancies. They cannot show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those corrections. There are hundreds of computer systems running various military accounts, but these are not integrated, and the financial records are not up to accounting standards or capable of even facing an audit. It follows that the Pentagon would be vulnerable to a "terror attack" that destroyed the relevant computers and documents, also killing dozens of accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. A percentage of $2.3 trillion is still an inordinate amount of cash, and if a proportion went missing, the Pentagon Comptroller would be able to say, "We tried our best, but sadly, due to the terror attacks, we will never know exactly how much money is missing - or where it went".


2001: February. George W. Bush nominates Rabbi Zakheim to serve as Comptroller at the Pentagon and Under Secretary of Defense. May 4. Dov Zakheim is sworn in as Pentagon Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense. May 31. Thomas E. White - who went on JINSA trips to Israel and who as former CEO at Enron is linked to the massive fraud there - is sworn in as Secretary of the Army, thirty days after being nominated by George W. Bush. September 10. Steve Riskus creates the website domain criticalthrash.com. A group of top Pentagon officials are warned not to fly the next day. Donald Rumsfeld confirms that $2.3 trillion of transactions cannot be accounted for. September 11. Thomas White, Paul Wolfowitz, Randy "Duke" Cunningham and others are at a breakfast meeting with Donald Rumsfeld, in which the latter predicts that some kind of "shocking" world event will occur in the near future. The meeting is about to break up as the first plane slams into the North Tower. As the alleged Flight 77 is ten miles out from the Pentagon, a young man asks Vice President Cheney, "Do the orders still stand?" Cheney turns and whips his neck around and replies, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?" Since there are no shoot down orders in effect at 9:37:45 - the time of the Pentagon strike - or earlier, "the orders" are stand down rather than shoot down. Thomas White is at the Army Navy Country Club when, as he says, "the plane that hit the Pentagon came right over the top of the Army Navy Club and bounced down the hill and hit the side of the Pentagon". Steve Riskus allegedly sees a Boeing 757 featuring an "AA" logo with the eagle in the middle on the tail crash into the Pentagon after screaming overhead at 530 mph and knocking over a few light poles on the way. The domain criticalthrash.com subsequently carries Riskus' photos and other reports consistent with an AA jetliner, although most of these witnesses are employed in defense or in the media. In the afternoon, Donald Rumsfeld says, "My interest is to hit Saddam Hussein", and orders his aides to plan for striking Iraq.


Check out this page:




...or watch the associated video to see more evidence of how elite Jews and their lickspittle lackeys - collectively "Zionists" - were responsible for 9/11. Jews masterminded the long-planned WTC demolitions. Elements of the U.S. government were - along with Zakheim and other Jews - implicated in the 2000-planned opportunistic Pentagon strike. In order to conceal their own complicity, each was forced to cover for the other's crimes.


Looking beyond 9/11/2001, events unfolded like this:


2001: September 12. U.S. officials say they have identified "all of the hijackers", who very obligingly are found to have left numerous clues such as a copy of the Koran, a flight training video and a fuel consumption calculator in luggage that supposedly failed to make the connection to the alleged Flight AA11, and Arabic language flight training manuals in a rented white Mitsubishi Mirage found at Boston's Logan airport late Tuesday the 11th. It is estimated that the conspiracy must have involved hundreds if not thousands, and, in an attempt to explain why Western intelligence was "oblivious" to the plot, it is suggested that Osama bin Laden planted agents inside the U.S. military and intelligence services. 17:06:44 UTC or 10:06:44 Pacific Daylight Time. The domain markbingham.org is created and, subsequently, the  website is very rapidly developed by Daniel Chu of Telegraphic Designs of Berkeley, California. Media Specialist Lisa Radigonda, who, years later, is to be shown as the domain registrant, is the "Team Bingham public relations representative". September 13. U.S. officials say they have identified "most of the hijackers", believed to number eighteen. Adnan Bukhari and Ameer Bukhari, originally thought to be brothers, were suspected, but Adnan was found to be alive and living in Florida, and Ameer died in a small plane crash on September 11, 2000. Yet if those identities were stolen and were on the flight manifests, it would be remarkable if the authorities were able to trace the real identities of the individuals involved within, say, three days. For anyone in need of "Saudi suicide pilots" to frame as patsies, the deceased pilot Ameer Bukhari, a Saudi Arabian national of Vero Beach, Florida, would be an ideal choice provided they could keep the lid on the fact that he had died in the "wrong" year. It is reported that the Bukhari "brothers" rented a silver-blue Nissan Altima and drove from Boston to Portland, bizarrely only to fly back to Boston. Atta rented the Mitsubishi sedan found at Logan airport, and also had a red Pontiac registered in his name. There is a general ban on flights, which must be approved on a case-by-case basis. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi ambassador to the U.S., meets George W. Bush. The authorities give permission for a private jet to fly around the U.S. picking up members of the bin Laden family, which has business ties with the Bush family through the Carlyle Group. About 140 top Saudi officials are on the plane. The Emperor's Clothes website runs a couple of articles skeptical of the official 9/11 story, including an interview between editor Jared Israel and Rudi Dekkers of Huffman Aviation. Don Radlauer, of the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, Israel (and formerly - until 1997 - of Weybridge, Surrey, UK and of New York), publishes a report detailing the flight paths of the alleged four hijacked planes. The report attempts to lend credibility to the official story with suggestions that hijacking and steering the planes would be an easy task - even though a rather diminutive non-pilot was said to have wrestled control of Flight 77 from the tough, highly trained, weightlifting former Navy fighter pilot Charles Burlingame and steered a Boeing 757 to hit the Pentagon at 530 mph as its engines cleared the lawn by a couple of feet. Radlauer's "take off" times correspond to the "pushed back from the gate" times, with Flight 93 for example being delayed for 41 minutes due to congestion. The 41-minute delay could explain why Flight 93 failed to hit its intended target, as the Air Force stand down could not be maintained indefinitely. September 14. U.S. officials say they have identified nineteen "hijackers", with Hani Hanjour now included. Evidently the scriptwriters had pilots and Saudis available for the frame-up, but were short of credible "Saudi pilots". Dominick Suter of "Urban Moving Systems Incorporated" or urban MOving SyStems incorporAteD, the Mossad front that the joking, celebrating, dancing Israelis ostensibly worked for, flees the U.S. for Israel. Members of the bin Laden family fly out of Washington D.C. to Saudi Arabia, and similar flights are to follow over the next few days. September 16. Osama bin Laden denies responsibility for the attacks, but according to Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, the passport of "hijacker" Satam al Suqami has been discovered several blocks from the WTC crash site. Kerik's claim is not credible since, given the physical characteristics such as mass, cross-section and drag coefficient of a passport, even if it had survived the fireball, flying over rooftops for several blocks would be in contravention of the laws of aerodynamics. In another attempt, the passport is said to have been found "in the vicinity of Vesey Street", to the north of the Twin Towers. Unfortunately, the scriptwriter forgot that Suqami was supposed to be on Flight 11, said to have approached from the north. The "Bukharis drove the rented Nissan Altima to Portland" story has evolved into "Mohamed Atta and Abdul Alomari drove the rented Nissan Altima to Portland", which necessitated abandoning the previous claim of "Atta rented the Mitsubishi found at Logan" since that would make even less sense. However, the "Abdul Alomari hijacker" was originally Abdul Rahman Alomari, a pilot, friend and neighbor of Adnan Bukhari. When Alomari was found to be alive, as was Adnan Bukhari, the hijacker was said to be Abdulaziz Alomari. Problem is, he is alive too. And he's a non-pilot. September 18. Terrorists launch an anthrax letters campaign targeting Democratic U.S. Senators and news media offices, seven days after the 9/11 attacks, and seven days after Jerome Hauer had advised the White House to begin taking Cipro. For an excellent timeline of the anthrax attacks and a subsequent spate of deaths amongst microbiologists, see here. September 19. Don Radlauer, of the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, Israel, publishes a report on pre-9/11 insider trading involving surges in volume of put options for American Airlines, United Airlines, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch over the trading days before the attacks. He confirms that there was no news at that time to justify such an imbalance of trades, calculates the potential profit for the insiders at over $15 million, suggests that "Osama bin Laden" was behind it, and says, "we are dealing with an expert in masking ownership of corporations and making covert deals". See here for some more clues as to the identity of those skilled in masking ownership of corporations. September 25. Rudy Giuliani bans photography at the World Trade Center ruins. September 28. Osama bin Laden again denies having anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, but suggests some possible suspects: Those within the American system who rebel against it and work for some other system, those who want to stir up conflict between Islam and Christianity, American Jews, or U.S. intelligence agencies. Bin Laden also pointed out that the U.S. secret agencies did not want narcotics trafficking to be curtailed (as the Taliban had done in 2001) since the agencies' importance and funding would be diminished. Indeed, a look at how annual opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan slumped in 2001 and rocketed after the Taliban was ousted, demonstrates why Zionists decided in 2001 that "regime change" was desirable. Before the month is up, nearly half of the alleged "suicide hijackers" have turned up alive and well. And that's from the new, improved list, excluding Abdul Rahman Alomari and the Bukharis. No less than three of the alleged "suicide pilots" - Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad al-Jarrah - had reported their passports stolen in late 1999. Jarrah's uncle Jamal explains in a five-minute interview that his nephew was not a radical, had no interest in politics, and did not change his appearance or behavior. Within a month of 9/11 it is quite evident that the alleged hijackers' drinking, cocaine snorting, gambling, trysts with hookers and frequenting of strip joints does not square with religious extremists with such hatred of Western culture that they are prepared to kill themselves and thousands of others. October 2 through October 5. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar who started the Al Jazeera channel in 1996 with a $150 million grant, the channel which broadcasts audios and videos purporting to be of "Osama bin Laden" aka Emmanuel Goldstein, visits the U.S. where he meets with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney (an "old friend"), Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Myers. October 3. Ariel Sharon reportedly says to Shimon Peres, "Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it". The pro-Israel organization CAMERA, which admits to working against "anti-Israel and anti-Jewish prejudice" and is lauded by Natan Sharansky, claims the quote was "fabricated", originated with a Palestinian group, and has been denied by the Israeli Hebrew radio Kol Yisrael. Whilst such a quote would certainly be consistent with known facts about Zionists, its authenticity is not proven. In contrast, the vast majority of evidence against the official version of 9/11 is underpinned by pro-Western sources. October 8. Edward A. Coburn, 31, of Fresno, California, is arrested after bursting into the cockpit of an American Airlines jetliner bound for O'Hare airport, screaming, "We're going to crash into the Sears Tower" and that terrorists are "steering" the plane towards the Sears Tower. Coburn, who works for a Silicon Valley company, is described as "intelligent, decent and immaculate", "polite", a "mellow type" who was "very kind and very nice", a "real good guy", etc. October 10. Three days after the launch of the war in Afghanistan, Mossad agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and Israeli illegal immigrant Saur Ben Zvi are caught and arrested inside the Mexican Congress chamber in possession of guns, grenades, dynamite, detonators and wiring while posing as "press photographers". October 11 (assuming the Thursday prior to October 17). Moshe Elmakias, 30 and Ron Katar, 23, described as "Middle Eastern", are arrested by Plymouth Police in Pennsylvania after being found with a Sony video camera and tape with detailed video footage of Chicago's Sears Tower, days after a bizarre incident in the cockpit of a jetliner bound for Chicago's O'Hare airport. Elmakias' tractor-trailer, which has a Florida registration and a sign posted on the side reading "Moving Systems Incorporated", was seen by a Pizzeria Uno manager backed up to the Dumpster at the rear of the restaurant with a freshly dumped pile of furniture adjacent to the Dumpster. Also observed with Elmakias is a female, Ayelet Reisler, 23. Elmakias is a Jewish name, as is Katar, Reisler and the forenames Moshe, Ron and Ayelet. Although Elmakias claims to be in Plymouth to make a pick up, he cannot provide a name or telephone number of the customer. The President of Moving Systems Inc. is Simo Elbaz of Florida, aka Simon Elbaz aka Simon Miller aka Jonathan Miller, as subsequently shown in a February 2003 indictment naming Elbaz, Elmakias and several others on charges of wire fraud, extortion, and making a false bill of lading. October 20. Dick Cheney meets the Emir of Qatar to discuss the "Osama" interviews. October 26. A mere 45 days after the 9/11 terror attacks, George W. Bush signs the "Patriot Act" into law. The US government has awarded itself additional powers, e.g. the power to break into its citizens' homes and conduct secret searches without telling them for months or indefinitely, and to spy on people's choice of books. These powers are subsequently exploited so that the government can eavesdrop on private communications even when there is no evidence of involvement with a foreign country or a terror group. October 27/28 (last weekend in October). Six men with Israeli passports are stopped by police in the Midwest and found to have photos and descriptions of a nuclear power plant in Florida and the Trans-Alaska pipeline. They also have "box cutters and other equipment". Attorney General John Ashcroft  and FBI Director Robert Mueller are said to be "furious" that the Immigration and Naturalization Service let them go without consulting the FBI. The incident is later reported in the Israeli press, although Ashcroft denies that he and Mueller were "furious". November 14. The Emperor's Clothes website, which was so quick to recognize that the "bin Laden turned from employee to archenemy" story was bogus, posts an article Guilty For 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers. Unfortunately, it studiously ignores all the evidence of Israeli involvement. November 23. The Washington Post runs an article entitled "60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept. 11", saying that employees of Quality Sales, Inc. in Toledo, Ohio and other Israelis in the U.S. have been detained. The Israelis worked at malls selling trinkets and toys such as rubber band-propelled helicopters. Israeli mall kiosks are suspected Israeli intelligence fronts. The Post reports that this week, the authorities began to release the five detained "moving company" Israelis, young Israeli army veterans, who were observed celebrating with cries of joy and mockery as they trained their cameras on the burning WTC. They are being returned to their homes in Israel. December 13. An "Osama confession video" is conveniently "found", out of all the buildings in Jalalabad (population estimated at roughly 250,000 as of 1999) in occupied Afghanistan within 5 weeks of it allegedly having been made, in which the only similarities between the "confessor" and OBL are that both of them wear a turban and have a beard. Before the year is out, it is evident that the weapons-grade Ames strain of anthrax found in letters sent to media outlets and senators in September and October originated at a U.S. government lab, despite a feeble attempt to frame Arab Muslims for the crime. Structural engineers say that the decision to rapidly recycle the WTC steel was a "serious mistake" that is handicapping the investigation. Dr. Frederick W. Mowrer, an associate professor in the fire protection engineering department at the University of Maryland, says, "I find the speed with which potentially important evidence has been removed and recycled to be appalling." Mayor Rudy Giuliani is suspected of being behind the decision, but officials in the mayor's office do not reply to written and oral questions about who decided to recycle the steel.


2002: Christopher Bollyn starts collaborating with Eric Hufschmid. January 11. The first prisoners arrive at "Camp X-Ray", Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Detainees arrive shackled in orange jumpsuits with blacked-out goggles and earplugs, and are made to kneel in a "holding area". They are housed in 8 feet square wire cages and have a mattress, a sheet, a blanket, two towels, soap, shampoo, a copy of the Koran and two buckets. Jamal al Harith is just one example of an unfortunate who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time: a country that was invaded and occupied under a false prospectus, a person who was seized and transported thousands of miles to be imprisoned and abused without trial simply to maintain the fiction that the invasion of Afghanistan was to save the world from "terrorists" rather than a re-run of the Opium Wars of the mid-19th century in which force was used to enable unscrupulous criminals to profit from the opium trade. In 2001 the Taliban had virtually wiped out Afghanistan's opium production after banning poppy cultivation the previous summer. After the Taliban were ousted, opium production rocketed. March 11. Rabbi Dov Zakheim delivers a commemorative sermon on the Pentagon lawn to hundreds of co-religionists from 40 countries. Chabad Lubavitch rabbis have gathered ostensibly to launch the centenary commemoration of their spiritual leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, yet the rabbis sing "Oseh Shalom" at 9:38 a.m. at the crash site, exactly six months after the extremely lucrative Pentagon attack. March 25. Sixteen microbiologists have died, in a mysterious spate of deaths that started less than five months ago. Back in the 1980s, a series of "suicides" amongst scientists working in the defense industry had prompted Doug Hoyle to raise the issue in Britain's Parliament with a question to the Under-Secretary of State for Defence. April 28-29. Guantanamo Bay prisoners are transferred from the temporary Camp X-Ray to the larger Camp Delta, construction of which officially began on February 27. May 7. A group of Israelis are caught with a rental truck that tested positive for TNT and RDX plastic explosives shortly after midnight, very close to the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Wash., where the Navy conducts explosive ordnance training for bomb disposal mobile units. September 10. Philip Zelikow admits that Iraq poses a threat to Israel, but not to the USA. October 12. In the deadliest terrorist atrocity to hit Indonesia, bombs are detonated on the island of Bali. 202 are killed, none of whom are Israelis. Australia suffers the highest number of casualties at 88, consistent with a goal of inducing Australia to increase its contribution to the "war on terror" and bring in "anti-terror" legislation. The second bomb, in a Mitsubishi van, causes much more damage than the bombers expect. The official story is initially that the Mitsubishi bomb consisted of the high explosive C-4, and this is subsequently revised to a low explosive improvised potassium chlorate, aluminum powder and sulfur composition which is inconsistent with the damage. The ringleader of the bombers suggests that an intelligence agency - "the CIA or KGB or Mossad" - had tampered with the bomb. In the February 1993 WTC bombing, the FBI's plan to substitute a harmless powder for the real explosives was called off by an FBI supervisor; in the Bali 2002 bombing, intelligence operatives apparently substituted a more powerful explosive.


2003: February. Sixteen moving companies and 74 operators, owners and employees are indicted on charges of fraud and extortion. Many of the names involved are Jewish names. Included is Moshe Elmakias aka Moses Makias of Moving Systems Incorporated, who was caught in October 2001 with detailed video footage of the Sears Tower. March 16. Three heads of state - George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Spanish Premier Jose Maria Aznar - travel to an American airbase in the Azores for a "summit", i.e., an hour-long meeting where deals can be done behind closed doors without the risk of hacked phones, days in advance of the impending "shock and awe" campaign to bring "democracy" to Iraq and rid it of its "WMDs". March 27. The Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures is approved for immediate implementation. For example, if a prisoner is escaping beyond the perimeter fence and there is no other means to prevent escape, then the guard should "fire to make the person(s) unable to continue..." without warning shots. In a list of "offenses", tampering with restraints is listed as "category III". June. Biological weapons experts working for the British government prove the Iraqis are right and the British government is wrong, in that the trailers that Tony Blair, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell claim are "mobile biological weapons labs" are in fact hydrogen generators for inflating artillery balloons. July 18. Dr David Kelly, a biological weapons specialist and expert on Iraq's weapons who knew that the claims about "WMDs" are a pack of lies, is found dead after failing to return from one of his regular walks in the woods yesterday. Officially, the death is ruled to be a "suicide". However, no fingerprints have been found on the knife he allegedly used to kill himself, he was not wearing gloves and none were found at the scene, a full transection of a single ulnar artery - which will quickly retract and close down thereby promoting clotting - is highly unlikely to kill, as is ingestion of one-third of a lethal dose of the painkiller co-proxamol, very little blood was found at the scene, and it would have been very difficult for Kelly to cut through the tendons of his left wrist since his right hand was very weak due to an elbow injury and he favored his left hand for any task requiring strength. All the evidence points to murder. Other scientists have died in various circumstances, some suspicious and others not suspicious. October. In a speech before retiring as Malaysia's prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad shrewdly observes that Jews rule the world by proxy, and get others to fight and die for them. October 16. The film Baltic Storm is released about the 1994 MS Estonia disaster. Christopher Bollyn's wife Helje Kaskel and children Christopher Jr. and Catherine are amongst the cast.


2004: April 9. Eddie Guigui Shalev, an Israeli national who served in the Israeli Defense Forces in the paratroops regiment, says that based on his observations, Hani Hanjour was a "good" pilot, contrary to all available evidence. May 8. Shmuel Dahan, 22 and Almaliach Naor, 19, both Israelis, are arrested in Tennessee following a three-mile high-speed chase after their rental truck is seen speeding and they refuse to stop. Dahan, an Israeli military veteran, is found to have a "Learn to Fly in Florida" business card in his wallet. Florida flight instructor Nissan Giat says that he met Naor at a moving company where the Israeli man works and gave him one of his cards. The Israelis' ID is fake, and a brown bottle which they threw from the truck whilst being pursued is found to contain a thick liquid like drain cleaner. Tests indicate the liquid is a mixture of Astromid 18 - a latex stripper/cleaner, gluconic acid and water. No explanation is provided as to why these were mixed. The nearby Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin is "the nation’s sole provider of fuel for the Navy’s nuclear subs". Although the Israelis claim to be moving furniture, the Sheriff is skeptical, saying that the furniture is so old that it's hard to see why anyone would want to move it. May 19. Rudy Giuliani says that officials never imagined that planes would be used as missiles, although they prepared for anthrax, smallpox and "dirty bombs". May 21. Tamir D. Sason, 24 and Daniel Levy, 23, both of Metar, Israel, are caught attempting to get into the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, Georgia, without proper identification, prompting a nearly 3-hour lockdown. They have supposedly been contracted by a moving company. Bomb-sniffing search dogs react positively to a briefcase in the cab of the truck, although no explosives are found. Submarines at Kings Bay are armed with nuclear ballistic missiles. July 15. Mossad agents Uriel Kelman, 30, and Eli Cara, 50, are convicted and jailed for six months for fraudulently attempting to obtain a New Zealand passport in the name of a tetraplegic man in order to create a false identity for Zev Barkan. July 22. The 9/11 Commission publishes its final report, the 9/11 Commission Report, which would more accurately be called the "9/11 Omission Report". September 2. The FBI has a file of documents compiled in July and August showing that the Bureau is aware of various torture tactics at Guantanamo Bay that go back to 2002. Prisoners are shackled to the floor in the foetal position for 18 hours or more so that they urinate and defecate on themselves, subjected to extremes of temperature, threatened with dogs made to bark and growl, have their hair and beard wrapped in duct tape, deprived of sleep by the use of strobe lights and loud music, made to stand in stress positions, etc. One FBI agent heard banging sounds like thunder, but was perplexed by the fact that the weather was fine. On going to investigate, a prisoner was seen in an interview room kneeling on the floor with his forehead on the ground, holding his nose which appeared to be bleeding. The interviewers claimed that he "threw himself to the floor". Another agent traveled to interview a prisoner, and found he had "a black eye, facial cuts around the nose, and his fingers on both hands were taped up". October. A "close friend" of George W. Bush - identified as Tom Bernstein who, along with Bush and other businessmen, was a former owner of the Texas Rangers baseball club, a deal which netted Bush millions of dollars - sends him a copy of Natan Sharansky's new book The Case for Democracy with a note urging him to read it. Bush does so - and so does Condoleezza Rice. Tom Bernstein is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, was appointed by Bush in 2002 to serve as a Council Member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., and from 2002 to 2005 has been Co-Founder and Chairman of the International Freedom Center, a cultural institution developed for the World Trade Center Site. He is connected to Natan Sharansky through the International Freedom Center, to Arthur Ochs Sulzberger through the Fresh Air Fund, and Elie Wiesel through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. November 2. President Bush 'wins' a second term with the aid of Diebold electronic voting machines. Where a paper trail exists, the divergence between exit polls and results is within the expected statistical margin of error. In contrast, results from the voting machines have almost consistently swung towards Bush. The National Election Data Archive demonstrates that, for Ohio, the probability of these discrepancies occurring due to chance ranged from 1 in 17,800 down to 1 in 867,205,500. Dr Stephen Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania calculates the odds at 250 million to one against for just three of the major swing states - Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania - to swing as far as they did from their exit polls. November 11. Bush meets with Natan Sharansky for more than an hour. He invites him into the Oval Office for a discussion of Sharansky's The Case for Democracy and how it applies to the "war on terror".


2005: January. One motive for the Iraq war becomes apparent when it is reported that $8.8 billion of Iraqi money has gone "missing" between October 2003 and June 2004 from the former UN Oil-for-Food fund, oil sales and seized assets. In a lengthy interview with the Washington Times, George W. Bush says, "If you want a glimpse of how I think about foreign policy read Natan Sharansky's book The Case for Democracy." July 7. Benjamin Netanyahu and Rudy Giuliani are both located in London on the morning of the 7/7 bombings. Netanyahu and the Mossad receive advance warning and, ironically, in a futile attempt to deflect from Israeli foreknowledge, former Mossad head Efraim Halevy demonstrates inside knowledge by revealing that he already knows the bombings were simultaneous when the authorities spend the next two days claiming that the three Tube explosions were spread over a period of 26 minutes from 08:51 to 09:17. The Israeli company Verint Systems, a subsidiary of Israel's Comverse Technology, handles video security at the London Underground. In a CCTV-rich environment such as London, there ought to be numerous time-stamped images to prove that the alleged bombers were in London on 7/7, yet the authorities never release any such images. Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, a former Israeli intelligence officer, is listed on Verint documents as Chairman of the Board of Directors, e.g. as of April 2003. Dan Bodner, current CEO of Verint, was an Israeli Army officer. The official tale of "Muslim suicide bombers" is physically impossible, given the actual train times of the day, and the official scenario of exploding backpacks is contradicted by eyewitnesses and photos indicating the explosions originated underneath the carriages. Rudy Giuliani, friend of Bernard Kerik who announced the "discovery" of an alleged 9/11 suicide hijacker's passport claimed to have survived the jet fuel fireball, was in Yorkshire the previous day. Miraculously, a till receipt obtained from a garden center at Tulip Retail Park in Leeds, Yorkshire is "found" to have survived one of the deadly Tube train blasts, and cited as 'evidence' for the official version of events. November 9 (9/11 by Israeli or European calendars). Israeli Jews staying at the Radisson hotel, Amman, Jordan, are evacuated in advance of terror attacks. According to the official story, "suicide bombers" are responsible, and even though the blast at the Radisson was caused by a bomb hidden in a false ceiling, it is still claimed to be the work of "suicide bombers". There were no Jewish casualties, most of the dead were Jordanian Sunni Muslims, two Israeli casualties were both Arabs, and five Palestinians died including Major-General Bashir Nafeh, the head of military intelligence in the West Bank.


2006: Turner Construction's CEO Tom Leppert receives the "Torch of Conscience" award from the Southwest Region of the American Jewish Congress. May. Christopher Bollyn visits Eric Hufschmid. Late June - July. Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn enthusiastically promote a hoax story in which Sam Danner, a fantasist and liar who wants his bit of "glory", claims to have seen a Global Hawk-like object impact the Pentagon on 9/11 - after understanding that a "Global Hawk" is just what Hufschmid wanted him to have seen. July 31. Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, the Israeli-born founder and former CEO of Comverse Technology, is charged by U.S. authorities with multiple counts of fraud and related offenses. He was on vacation in Israel, but instead of returning to the U.S. to face indictment, travels to Germany and subsequently flees to Namibia. August 15. Christopher Bollyn calls 911 to report a "suspicious" car. When the police arrive, he becomes belligerent, says he is going to get his "reinforcements", and makes to go into his home as if to get a weapon. He is tackled to the ground, Tasered, and arrested. Within hours, Bollyn's account of events - a conspiracy to get him involving the ADL, Homeland Security, alphabet soup agencies, Michael Piper, Scott Makufka, the Hoffman Estates police force, etc - smells bogus. The "suspicious" car is the very sort of idea that would emanate from the mind of Eric "Murdoch" Hufschmid. September 18. Benjamin Netanyahu, Warren Buffett, and Stef and Eitan Wertheimer attend a party at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, to celebrate Buffett's $5 billion acquisition of an 80% stake in the Wertheimer family's Iscar Metalworking Company. The Israeli government also receives $1 billion in taxes from the deal. Stef Wertheimer, founder of Iscar, is considered the wealthiest Israeli living in Israel. Eitan Wertheimer and Netanyahu are residents of Caesarea, the only town in Israel that is managed by a business, the Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Caesarea Development Corporation that has donated over 100 million shekels in recent years to organizations such as the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. September 27. Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, ex-CEO of Comverse Technology, is arrested in Namibia after an international manhunt. He is wanted by the U.S. authorities to face multiple charges including conspiracy, securities fraud, and money laundering. September 30. It is revealed that, whilst preparing to flee fraud charges in the U.S., Kobi Alexander transferred $57 million from his Citigroup account to bank accounts in Israel: Bank Leumi account 603401/78 and Bank Hapoalim account 131883. He was caught when it was found that tens of millions of dollars had gone into his Namibian accounts. October 7. Christopher Bollyn is fired from American Free Press for submitting false stories and siding with Eric Hufschmid who accuses AFP - along with almost every other anti-Zionist group and individual - of being under Zionist control. October 11. Kobi Alexander is charged with offering millions of dollars as a bribe to David Kreinberg, former Chief Financial Officer at Comverse, in an attempt to induce him to take sole responsibility for the fraud scheme. Alexander first offered $2 million, then $5 million, and finally "name your price", pleading that there was no reason why both of them "should go down". October 13. Christopher Bollyn claims to have received a death threat, but there is no evidence to support the claim. December 5. Wendy Burlingame, daughter of Charles F. Burlingame III who went missing on 9/11 and was allegedly the original pilot of a plane that hit the Pentagon, dies in a suspicious apartment fire, after her Army veteran boyfriend Kevin Roderick runs out, 'accidentally' locks the door without realising that she is not right behind him, and fails to call 911.


2007: January 2. As part of a lawsuit involving the American Civil Liberties Union, the FBI releases its July/August 2004 documents detailing the mistreatment and torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. February. Video footage is published demonstrating that the BBC reported WTC 7 had collapsed, some 20 minutes before it actually did so at 5:20 EDT. The BBC's Jane Standley, on location in New York, said that the building had collapsed when it was clearly visible through the window behind her head. Times are confirmed by a timestamp, and the footage is subsequently confirmed as genuine by the BBC's Director of Collections at its Internet Archive. February 7. Melbourne scientist Dr Gideon Polya calculates post-invasion excess deaths in occupied Iraq at one million. This compares with an October 2006 estimate of 655,000 from a survey overseen by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. Both of these figures exclude up to 1.7 million pre-invasion deaths, including half a million children under 5 by 2000, killed as a result of depleted uranium and 1990 - 2003 sanctions. March 6. I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is convicted on four felony counts including obstruction of justice, giving false statements to the FBI, and perjury in relation to the Bush administration's leaking of the name of a CIA agent to the press. The agent, Valerie Plame, is married to Joseph Wilson, a diplomat who served in Iraq and Africa. Wilson correctly reported in March 2002 that an Italian intelligence report that Iraq was trying to buy yellowcake uranium was based on bogus documents, yet George Bush repeated the yellowcake claim in January 2003 when making the case for war. The leaking of Plame's name was in retaliation for Wilson's honesty, and part of an attempt to deter any further critics - part of the vast body of proof that the administration's invasion of Iraq was not simply a mistake based on "faulty intelligence". March 10. The U.S. military conducts a tribunal at Guantanamo Bay ostensibly to determine if one of their prisoners, alleged to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is an "enemy combatant". KSM was reportedly killed in a Pakistan Rangers paramilitary raid on his apartment in September 2002 and his identity confirmed by his wife and children. However, the "KSM" prisoner makes a statement at the tribunal admitting to being responsible for the "9/11 Operation, from A to Z", the "1993 World Trade Center Operation", the "Shoe Bomber Operation", the "bombing of a nightclub in Bali" (October 2002, which killed 202 but none of them were Israelis, q.v. above), "planning, training, surveying and financing the New (or Second) Wave attacks" against skyscrapers including the "Plaza Bank, Washington state" and the "Sears Tower, Chicago", being in charge of the "Cell for the Production of Biological Weapons, such as anthrax and others", and responsible for many other plots and operations. Whoever fabricated this 'confession' overlooked the fact that "KSM" was supposedly captured on March 1, 2003 but the Plaza Bank wasn't founded until early 2006. And it isn't a skyscraper. If they meant the Columbia Center, that isn't referred to as "Plaza"; Bank of America Fifth Avenue Plaza is only the 9th tallest building in Seattle, and 1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza was down to 5th tallest by 1990. And the anthrax strain was traced to the US military (q.v. end of 2001 above), and it was Israeli "movers" who were caught with a video camera and detailed video footage of the Sears Tower (q.v. October 11, 2001 above). It was reported back in November 2005 that KSM's interrogators said he'd held out for more than two minutes against the waterboarding, and use of waterboarding was subsequently confirmed by Dick Cheney. June. Tom Leppert is elected Mayor of Dallas, and his Alva Court home is barely more than a mile north of the Dallas home that George W. Bush is to move into after leaving office. June 25. Christopher Bollyn fails to show up in court for sentencing. It transpires that he has fled the country. August 21. Bollyn severs ties with Eric Hufschmid, accusing him of "spreading false news" and making "baseless allegations against others" - which, of course, is exactly what Hufschmid has been doing. The pair were collaborating for a full five years, sometimes meeting in person and even participating in the Jimmy Walter 9/11 tour throughout Europe in May - June of 2005. Yet, well into 2007, long after it had become patently clear that Hufschmid and Bollyn are plants to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, they supposedly believed each other to be legitimate. November 8. Bernard Kerik - who announced Sunday September 16, 2001, that a hijacker's passport had been "discovered" -  is indicted on 16 counts including lying, conspiracy, fraud, and taking and failing to report a $250,000 loan that originated with Israeli billionaire industrialist Eitan Wertheimer, with Brooklyn marble and stone merchant Shimon Cohen serving as intermediary in the transaction. Kerik and Wertheimer spent time together during Kerik's trip to Israel at the end of August 2001. The Wertheimer family’s vast holdings include companies with United States Defense Department contracts.


2008: April. The Pentagon's accounting process is said to be "so obsolete and error prone that it's virtually impossible to tell where much of this money ends up". May 20. Warren Buffett and Eitan Wertheimer spend a full day together in Switzerland. July 29. FBI "suspect" for the 2001 anthrax attacks, Bruce E. Ivins, is found dead. Officially, it is alleged that he committed suicide after learning that the FBI were going to charge him and prosecutors would be seeking the death penalty. Ivins became the new scapegoat, after the FBI gave up attempting to pin the blame on Steven Hatfill because there was not a scintilla of evidence against him. However, Ivins had no reason to target media and opposition politicians in order to deter them from questioning the official 9/11 story. Embarrassingly for the FBI, they were forced to play the role of "idiots" who were "baffled" as to Ivins' motive. August 19. Barry Jennings, an eyewitness whose explicit testimony of early explosions in WTC7 prior to collapse of either Tower contradicts the official version of events, mysteriously dies. August 21. NIST publishes the findings of its three-year 'study' into the collapse of WTC7. Not surprisingly, the conclusion that "fires" and "thermal expansion" of some fireproofed steel beams caused the total collapse of this 47-story building is based on political considerations rather than the empirical evidence - evidence that was studiously ignored when it did not support the desired conclusion. Also ignored was the testimony of eyewitness Barry Jennings, who died two days previously. NIST, whose top scientists and engineers have extensive knowledge of nano-thermites, say they have found "no evidence" of explosives at the WTC, but later admit that they did not bother to look for any. September 11, 11:00. As subsequently revealed by Rep. Paul Kanjorski, the Federal Reserve notices a $550 billion electronic run on the banks. There are no prizes for guessing the prime suspect. December. The bill for Bush's "war on terror" is estimated to be approaching $1 trillion, excluding long-term health care for veterans and interest on federal borrowing.


2009: February. It is revealed that Ali al-Jarrah, whose cousin Ziad al-Jarrah was named as one of the alleged nineteen 9/11 hijackers, received more than $300,000 for his "work" as a paid spy for Israel going back to 1983 whilst posing as a supporter of the Palestinian cause. August 1. A building demolition in Turkey goes badly wrong when, instead of crumbling in the manner of WTC1, 2 and 7, the building rolls onto its side and comes to rest upside down. August 30. Ex-Israeli premier Ehud Olmert is indicted on three corruption charges. Olmert has been embroiled in corruption scandals before, including one involving his friend Australian billionaire Frank Lowy, who evidently pulled Tony Blair's strings via his links to Blair's "tennis partner" and Middle East advisor Lord Levy. In the Olmert - Lowy "Bank Leumi" scandal, the prosecutors decided Olmert's behavior was "odd", but there was insufficient evidence to charge him. With Larry Silverstein having close ties to Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, and Benjamin Netanyahu, that's four present and former Prime Ministers of a state with a history of false flag terror attacks who are friends with the partners who took over the WTC lease and insured for $ billions against terror attacks six weeks before terror attacks did in fact occur (q.v. above). September 9. The Zionist mainstream media is happy to report that Charlie Sheen says that the Bush/Cheney regime was behind the 9/11 attacks, yet their silence on the discovery of active thermitic material in the WTC dust speaks volumes and confirms their own complicity in aiding and abetting terrorists. September 13. Just when warmongers need to boost flagging support for the war in Afghanistan, an audiotape is released allegedly of Osama bin Laden, who reportedly died in December 2001. Rather revealingly, there is no video or new images of OBL, and "communications difficulties" is cited in a lame attempt at explanation.



The disinformation campaign


Going back to the shills and the straw men, we find that the image of the diagonally cut column was posted by Christopher Bollyn at Rumor Mill News on April 21, 2006 and at Rense on April 23, 2006, whereupon it was quickly duplicated by supporters of the controlled demolition hypothesis, yet readily debunked.


At the "debunked" page previously mentioned:




...which shows that the column was cut during the clean-up operation, they show:




...which is the source of the photo that Bollyn promoted (photo #5100) and still promotes as of August 2009. The other link on that "debunking" page is now wrong; the image they use comes from the page before the one they link to:




...photo #5102.


On 10 August 2007, Daryl Bradford Smith, who used to work with Eric Hufschmid and promoted Chris Bollyn before he concluded that they were both bad guys, described succinctly how Judas goat shills establish themselves as "truth tellers" and then go into self-destruct mode:


They made a man come out for a year or two, work hard at facts that were already known, 'cos he never exposed anything that wasn't already known. And got in, got trusted as a guy that was a fact finder and a truth teller. And then, at the appropriate time, sent him off to be a complete nutjob, to discredit the rest of us. [...] So what they're trying to do is, that they're going to put these people out as factfinders and then nutjobs, and so that people can juxtapose a belief that everybody involved in this movement is a Looney Tune.


(Listen to the audio clip here.) In the above, Smith was actually talking about David Shayler, the 'ex'-MI5 officer and so-called "whistleblower" who declared himself to be "the son of God" and claims to influence the weather and football results, who practises Kabbalah, and who now dresses as a transvestite with false breasts, a mini-skirt and ginger wig. Shayler is a "no-planer" (q.v. below). But Smith's comment applies equally well to Christopher Bollyn, who in August 2006, dialled 911 to call the police out to his home with some pretext about having seen a "suspicious" car. When the police arrived, Bollyn became belligerent, said he was going to "get his reinforcements" and turned to go into his house as if to get a weapon. Not surprisingly, the cops didn't like it, and Bollyn was Tasered and arrested.


Bollyn then claimed that, because he had supposedly been "exposing" Zionism, there had been a conspiracy to get him involving the ADL, the Department of Homeland Security, Mike Piper, Scott Makufka, and the Hoffman Estates police force who he alleges were "ADL-trained". However, in Bollyn's conspiracy theory, there is no credible causal chain for the series of events unless we posit that the police or the ADL were capable of mind control and could have made Bollyn dial 911 to call the police, providing them with a pretext to arrive at his front garden so they could arrest him. In fact, at the time of the incident, the police were not even aware of Bollyn's articles or the focus of his investigations. And it is hardly likely that someone spreading disinformation such as the Danner "Global Hawk" report would be attacked by Zionists, who might even be prepared to pay the disinformation agent via a front for an organization reputedly owned by Jewish lawyers. It is clear that Bollyn's phone call to the police was a necessary link in the chain of events, proving that Bollyn, for whatever reason, set up the confrontation.


Bollyn's conspiratorial version of events was dissected and torn to shreds when it did not stand up to objective analysis. For example, Bollyn said, "I was thrown into a cell with no water. I asked for a drink of water and was told, 'Drink from the toilet'." The Hoffman Estates police cells have a combined toilet and sink with water fountain, as can be seen in the relevant photo here entitled "Adult Cell". In other words, they didn't serve Bollyn with a glass of water as he entered the cell, and when he asked for water he was told to drink from the fountain above the toilet.


The 9/11 perpetrators hoped that anti-Zionist truth seekers would gloss over the details of the case and go on to make a logical error known as post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this therefore because of this) that confuses correlation with causation. Specifically, they would fall for Bollyn's claim that he had been targeted because he was "exposing" Zionists. The perps' goal is to isolate 9/11 truth seekers and anti-Zionists from the sheeple who couldn't be bothered to investigate 9/11, so that truth seekers would fall into the trap of perceiving Bollyn as a martyr and a patriot, the laggards would see him as a buffoon and a clown, and the Jews could present him as an "anti-Semite". The perps also enjoy a bonus in that the truth movement is divided, between those who can see through the likes of Bollyn and those who were duped. In this audio clip from November 12, 2007, Daryl Bradford Smith has a few things to say about Christopher Bollyn.


As with the diagonally cut column, Bollyn's other tasks would be to devalue truth by mixing in disinformation: exaggeration and questionable stories. Examples include his misquoting of Mark Loizeaux regarding where the molten steel was found, his misquoting of Arthur Lerner-Lam as to alleged "seismic spikes", the Sam Danner "Global Hawk" report (which Russell Pickering identified as highly suspect right from day one), the "thermite disguised as batteries" red herring which any demolitionist worth their salt would recognise as nonsense, a satirical article from The Onion submitted as Bollyn's "original work", a suspect article that Bollyn tried to get into the Barnes Review, the "Flight 93 was not shot down but landed at Cleveland" diversion, the unsubstantiated claim that Benjamin Chertoff is a cousin of Michael Chertoff, etc. The "thermite-filled batteries in the computer room" disinformation was designed to sabotage controlled demolition hypotheses, by encouraging "debunkers" to claim that the yellow-orange flow from WTC2 - powerful evidence of a thermite reaction yielding an iron-rich melt - was actually "lead". No matter that the color was totally inconsistent with the fire-induced collapse propaganda, some people would fall for it. And Bollyn's misquoting of Loizeaux was intended to cast doubt upon the validity of the multiple reports of molten steel. Bollyn even claims that a photo of the jet fuel deflagration is "evidence of thermate".


Christopher Bollyn's first wife Bosmat Merimsky is a Jew who worked for Israeli military intelligence at Herzliya, and Christopher's brother Jay stated that Bosmat needed to marry an American (in 1983) as she wanted to live in the U.S., in Los Angeles. Listen to this three-minute clip of Christopher discussing his first wife, from an April, 2005 interview with David Duke. He states that she worked for military intelligence and worked in Herzliya, where he stayed when he was visiting her. He says she came to America and they traveled extensively from Puerto Rico across to Washington state, and that after they had married they went to live in Israel. Bollyn actually admits that his first marriage (1983-1985) was merely a "marriage of convenience", claiming that they quickly married in order to prevent the authorities from deporting Bosmat from Puerto Rico. However, given that they then went back to Israel to live, this 'explanation' is not at all convincing. Christopher even suggests that they ended the "marriage of convenience" because her relatives did not like him. But if they were in Israel, the reason for the marriage (staying in Puerto Rico) becomes null and void, and if they were not in Israel, her relatives' attitude becomes irrelevant. Jay Bollyn's statement that they married so that she could gain access to the U.S. is much more credible, and backed up by the fact that this Israeli military intelligence officer actually did emigrate to the U.S..


Bosmat Merimsky is linked (by a search for maiden name) to an address in Santa Monica within a mile of a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue, and public records show that there is a Bosmat Merimsky living in New York City with Jacob "Cobi" Babchuk. The party-loving Babchuk operates a few blogs and used to live in L.A., is a member of the Israeli Business Forum of New York whose Board includes former Israeli military elite, is president of the commercial photography company Cobico Productions Inc, and is closely involved with Platinum Funding Group, whose 1992 founder, Chairman and CEO Eyal Levy specializes in "financing and restructuring unconventional transactions worldwide and has been working for over 25 years with government contracts and agencies, including financing government contracts, credit analysis and sales to the U.S. armed forces, NASA, the FBI and the CIA. Mr. Levy holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and he attended the business program at Bar llan University, Israel." JPMorgan Chase, which in October 2008 was told it was getting a $25 billion bailout from the U.S. Treasury, has been the leading provider of funds to Platinum Funding Group since 1994. On July 11, 2006, Platinum announced that N M Rothschild & Sons had joined forces in June to step up Platinum's financing capacity, with Rothschild USA’s Senior Partner Jewelle Bickford very active in the completion of the deal. News of this Rothschild - Platinum deal just happened to be relayed by the website of an Israeli moving company that operated from Hollywood, Florida; see below.


As noted in the timeline above, in 2000 Bollyn gave up his job at IBM Global Network Services and was brought to The Spotlight by Khazar Jew Jerry Myers using a very weak cover story about a library refusing to stock Michael Piper's Final Judgment. Bollyn claimed to have discovered Piper's book on the internet, but he and his wife were tailing Piper for years in the run-up to 9/11, and when Bollyn went to Washington to work at Liberty Lobby and American Free Press, he never mentioned that he'd previously set foot in the building back in July 1994, within months of the publication of the first edition of Final Judgment.


In Piper's talk show The Piper Report of March 8, 2007, available here, he has some interesting things to say about a little investigation conducted by a patriot who is a top private investigator, who was despatched by AFP to look into their former employee. In this 5-minute extract, Piper says that the investigation found Bollyn was "receiving money from overseas" and "apparently has been visited regularly by an individual or individuals bearing license plates that cannot be traced". In his preliminary memo, the investigator said that it was "risky to investigate Christopher Bollyn" as "I have discovered the distinct possibility of involvement by intelligence people of a higher order". He found that "the target (Bollyn) is spending more money than he is capable of earning". In this longer clip, Piper also reveals that AFP were advised from a very reliable source that Bollyn was a "tax scofflaw" who did not file Federal income tax returns. So, although Bollyn claimed to be a "target" of the power elite, he was actually being protected. Piper suggests that Bollyn's job, rather than reporting on 9/11, was to report to his handlers on the 9/11 movement by posing as a "journalist" so that he could infiltrate truth-seeking circles.


Apart from Christopher Bollyn, another plant who wrote exaggerated, dubious articles for American Free Press and was subsequently fired, was Greg Szymanski. One of Szymanski's stories was about "Tall Whites", allegedly English-speaking "aliens" from somewhere near the star Arcturus who had been visiting the Earth for hundreds of years, worked for the military, and were capable of suspending rocks or bullets in mid-air. He also claimed that 9/11 was perpetrated by the Vatican / the Jesuits.


As for Eric Hufschmid, he carried on his Uncle Rupert's work by conflating the "Moon Hoax" false conspiracy theory with 9/11 established conspiracy fact. It was soon self-evident that his role was as a Judas goat who was "on a mission to discredit every 9/11 researcher" who had seen some merit in his early work, when he had expressed skepticism of the official "Arab hijackers" myth without mixing in the additional disinformation baggage. His job also involved destroying cohesion in the anti-Zionist movement by posting absurd claims such as "99% of the 9/11 truth seekers" are part of a "criminal network", and accusing Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Fredrick Toben, Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, David Irving, David Duke, Mike Piper, Jack Blood, Mike Berger, Phil Berg, Victor Thorn aka Scott Makufka, Jim Hoffman, Wayne Madsen, Kurt Nimmo, Webster Tarpley, Frank Whalen, Willis Carto, Christopher Petherick, John Stadtmiller, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Andrew Hitchcock, William Rodriguez, Mike Rivero, Ellen Mariani, Rebecca Cerese, Frank Weltner, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ingrid Rimland, Chris Jon Bjerknes, Hesham Tillawi, Rick Adams, Edgar Steele, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Jim Marrs, Fred Burks, Lisa Pease, Jenna Orkin, Marsha McClelland, William Lewis, Ted Pike, Carlos Porter, Peter Kawaja, Peter Shank, Leuren Moret, Daryl Bradford Smith, David Ray Griffin, Bob Bowman, Mark Fuhrman, Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, Ron Paul, Suzette Bates, Cindy Sheehan, Gerhard Frey, Rosie O’Donnell, Sofia Smallstorm, John Kaminski, Alex Floum, Ry Dawson, Charlie Sheen, Arthur Silber, Justin Raimondo, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, etc., of working for Zionists, warning people to be suspicious of them. As early as October 2005, Hufschmid was attempting to smear Ernst Zundel and alleging that most truth seekers were either part of the 9/11 cover up or were rival criminals. The fact that Hufschmid accuses so many anti-Zionists and truth seekers of being "agents" and "liars" should make it clear that he is up to no good, and it is patently obvious that anyone who supports him is either a knave or a fool.


Hufschmid's priority was to disrupt and divide, whereas Bollyn's more subtle operation relied on presenting himself as an "honest researcher" who would write about Israel's role in 9/11 and the WTC demolitions, thereby establishing his popularity  with truth seekers by telling them what they wanted to hear. Hence, there was a period in 2006 when Hufschmid's chicanery was obvious and Bollyn still appeared to be genuine, albeit with an increasing tendency for paranoia, exaggeration, and making unsubstantiated allegations. At the Piper Report archives from 2006, some of the files address "The Hufschmid Conundrum" at a time when most believed that Bollyn was a legitimate journalist.


The Hufschmid Conundrum


The August 31, 2006 Piper Report had some intriguing comments about the "Hufschmid Conundrum":


The Hufschmid Conundrum2


Hufschmid worked closely with Bollyn, the pair of them having been involved in promoting the hoax in which Sam Danner claimed to have seen an object resembling a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. Danner subsequently admitted that his story was only "65% true" and had "some lying in it", and pleaded that he should be allowed to have his "bit of glory". Other balderdash from Hufschmid includes allegations such as David Duke is "white trash" and "a liar who works for Zionist Jews", "white supremacists are Zionists", etc. In fact, Jewish supremacists are Zionists, and Jews =/= White.


Back in October 2001, before Hufschmid claimed that Dr Duke was a "Zionist agent", he had this to say about where, in his opinion, Duke "went wrong":


Duke wants to believe that most Americans (at least the white Americans) are high quality people who are taken advantage of by a small number of Jews, niggers, and other people.


In reality, most white Americans are lazy, ignorant, unhappy, mentally unstable, Wretched Refuse; ie, Euro Niggers. Most Americans are easy to take advantage of because they avoid thinking and learning; instead they just listen to rumors and TV shows.


The American government is crummy and easy to take advantage of because the Euro Niggers consistently create lousy governments. President Bush is a good example of a lazy moron who doesn't know much and has no desire to learn.




Hufschmid is trying to talk down the White race and discourage them from believing in their abilities. In 2002 he was promoting his book Time For Painful Questions (by September 2002 abbreviated to Painful Questions) about the 9/11 attacks. The book had very little to say about Israel and Zionism. By 2007 Hufschmid declared that he "no longer" investigated 9/11, being more interested in writing attack pieces on genuine truth tellers, investigators and patriots, and promoting diversions such as "Paul McCartney was killed and replaced", designed to give "conspiracy theorists" a bad name. It's also amusing that in March 2006 he created a page The Bovine Gas Theory and then suggested that Daryl Smith had requested it because it appealed to Smith's sense of humor. But as shown above, Hufschmid was posting about "fart lamps" and alluding to sodomy even prior to 9/11.


March 2006 (The Bovine Gas Theory), and the 2000-2001 period between the Kathryn Hufschmid - James Murdoch wedding and the 9/11 attacks, weren't the only occasions when Eric Hufschmid was using sex or toilet humor to promote himself. And it's worth noting that Uncle Rupert used the same strategy as he was building his empire, with Adelaide's The News being dominated by sex and scandal, and the same formula subsequently applied to the News of the World and The Sun of London, and then American newspapers from the 1970s. Hufschmid created and distributed a CD-ROM featuring pornographic images. This was ostensibly to illustrate his assertion that politicians and media personalities were mostly part of an "axis of perverts" who were going along with the official line on 9/11 because they were pedophiles, or homosexuals, or transsexuals, or had been on a sex trip to Thailand, etc. The rationally minded might well have assumed it was because they were simply more interested in their careers than in conducting independent research and announcing their findings that government and the media had lied. (See here on how opposition politicians go along with the Zionist line because both major parties in a "democracy" are run by the Zionists. Additional motivation was provided by the anthrax attacks targeting opposition senators as well as media outlets.)


Around July 2007, Hufschmid had been running a promotion in which people were sent a CD-ROM that included "extreme hard core porn". This was revealed in a page created by a truth seeker that, unfortunately for the deceivers, has been archived. At the Wayback Machine archived page, the images show that Hufschmid’s CD ROM contained folders of his 'work' including images on 9/11, Video-Audio of Hufschmid, old Hufschmid reports, and material on the so-called "Apollo hoax", Columbine, "global warming", "Sheeple Psychology", etc. Within the disk's "Internet pages" folder, it can be seen that there is a sub-directory "Axis of Perverts", and within that another sub-directory "MaxHardcore".


News Corp. is one of the more obvious links between Eric "Murdoch" Hufschmid and Australia, which is also where his half-sister Kathryn lived for years. Newspapers in Australia published by Murdoch's News Limited include The Courier-Mail (Queensland), The Sunday Mail (Queensland), The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland), The Gold Coast Bulletin (Gold Coast, Queensland), The Townsville Bulletin (Townsville, Queensland), MX (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD), The Sunday Times (Western Australia), Quest Newspapers (19 suburban Brisbane, QLD titles), and The Tablelands Advertiser (Atherton Tablelands and the Far North, Queensland). News Corp. publishes plenty of magazines in Australia, and operates the Foxtel pay television company in a joint venture with Consolidated Media Holdings and Telstra.


News Corporation's 2007 report has this to say about the organization's Queensland operations: "Immediately prior to and as part of the Reorganization, the Company acquired from certain trusts, the beneficiaries of which include Mr. K.R. Murdoch, members of his family and certain charities (“the Murdoch Trusts”), the 58% shareholding in QPL which was not already owned by the Company’s predecessor through the acquisition of the Cruden Group of companies (“the Cruden/QPL Transaction”). The principal assets of the Cruden Group were shares of News Corporation and a 58% interest in QPL. QPL owns a publishing business which includes two metropolitan and eight regional newspapers in Queensland, Australia, as well as shares in News Corporation. Following this transaction, Mr. K.R. Murdoch and the Murdoch Trusts owned approximately 29.5% of the Company’s Class B Common Stock." QPL is Queensland Press Pty Ltd, acquired in 2004.


The other shill operation that the newcomer must not fall for is when the shill poses as a "9/11 truther", yet postulates a hypothesis that is even more preposterous and devoid of evidence than the "suicidal Arab hijackers" hoax. For example, many disinformation agents peddle the notion that "no planes hit the WTC Towers". They propose the use of "holograms", "CGI scripts", "TV fakery", etc. They would really need to allege that the silhouettes approximating that of a Boeing 767 in the Towers prior to collapse were made by "cleverly placed charges", the witnesses were delusional or part of the plot, the seismic evidence and oscillation of the Towers was "faked" or made up, the wreckage was "planted", etc. Or maybe they don't provide such explanations, well aware that some will still be duped by their sophistry. In any case, the goal of the "no-planers" is not to convince anyone that no planes hit the WTC; it is to tarnish the 9/11 truth movement by associating it with loopy ideas.


Of course, "no planes hit the WTC" is not to be confused with the debate over whatever projectile(s) struck the Pentagon. The jury is still out on that. And the planes that hit the WTC were not necessarily the alleged Flights AA11 and UA175.


It is clear that anyone who really believes that no planes hit the WTC on 9/11 must be so incredibly stupid that they would have problems even feeding themselves, let alone booting up a computer or posting to internet forums. And sure enough, the "no planes" disinformation is linked to intelligence agencies. 'Ex'-CIA John Lear is one who promotes it; another is the aforementioned 'ex'-MI5 David Shayler. Then there is 'ex'-Bush administration member Morgan Reynolds, who was soon debunked. Another no-planer was a former poster at WakeUpFromYourSlumber.Com with the handle Quasimodo, who was peddling his spiel back in August 2006 and quickly identified as a shill by astute posters.


Other evidence-free disinformation that has been soundly debunked includes "WTC was demolished with space beam weapons / nuclear bombs". Rather revealingly, one of the promoters of the "space beam" claptrap had been in a coma for six years. More recently, the disinformation agent Dimitri Khalezov has been peddling ludicrous claims about three "150 kiloton thermonuclear demolition devices" that were installed beneath the World Trade Center when it was built (early 1970s) to be used in the event of an emergency demolition, and that the New York authorities were tricked into thinking fake planes that didn't really exist were real planes lying on the upper floors of the Towers, and because a missile with an unexploded nuclear warhead had hit the Pentagon, the authorities within 21 minutes made the decision to begin detonating the 150 kT thermonuclear devices to demolish the WTC in order to spare Manhattan from the effects of a possible nuclear explosion. The reader might think such claims are so preposterous that no one would dare to make them, but it's all here for those who want a laugh.


9/11 disinformation agents have a sort of unofficial competition to see who can come up with the stupidest claims. Khalezov is certainly up there with the most creative liars.


Moving companies and crime syndicates


The news above about N M Rothschild & Sons' financing of Platinum Funding Group (which is linked to the CIA, the FBI, and the Israeli military intelligence officer who was married to Christopher Bollyn for two years) was relayed by a moving company that started in 1999 in the New York and New Jersey area and subsequently relocated their headquarters to Florida. Between October and December 2007 Authorized Movers bizarrely revised their timeline by ten years and omitted to mention their New York and New Jersey origins, so that rather than starting in 1999 with one man and a van they supposedly started in 1989 and were already well known by 1993. In addition to the Rothschild - Platinum Funding Group news, the Authorized Movers website reveals an interesting choice of links and articles. For example, they posted an article about Scientologists in Israel, promoted Israeli real estate, ran an article about Jewish singles and dating, feature several articles about "flight schools" including one about a "program to assist international students in locating and applying to U.S. flight schools", and linked to an article about the assassination of a Russian banker who had led a campaign against money laundering and corruption. In November 2008, Russian financier Alexei Frenkel was jailed for 19 years for ordering the 2006 killing of Andrei Kozlov, who had revoked the licenses of Frenkel's bank. Most of the reviews and complaints on Authorized Movers said they were overpriced, dishonest, unreliable, the drivers barely spoke English, and belongings that were supposed to be going from New York to Arizona, for example, were stored in Jersey City for weeks.


Shmuel Ovadia is the President and registered agent of Authorized Movers, Inc., and Meyers Abiziz is Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Abiziz is the registered agent of AuthorizedMovers.Com, Inc., shown there as Meyr M. Abiziz, with Ovadia as the manager. An amendment was filed October 2004 to change the company name to Authorized Movers, Inc., from Moving Express, Inc.. Shmuel Ovadia's Facebook profile shows him to be a fan of Rabbi Chay Amar, a Lubavitch Rabbi who lectures worldwide and has monthly speaking engagements in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. One of Ovadia's Facebook friends, Guy Nagar, is a fan of Rabbi Loubavitch Menachem Mendel Schneerson aka "the Rebbe". Another fan of the Rebbe is none other than Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who was Pentagon Comptroller and had access to "Flight Termination Systems" (see October 31, 1999 and March 3, 2000).


Back in 2003 when Ovadia was trading under the name Moving Express, Inc., he was using a Hollywood, Florida address.


In Gerald Shea's memorandum which cites the DEA report, Shea writes: "A third principal was Hanan Serfaty (or Sarfati), a team leader residing in Hollywood, Florida. When questioned by the DEA in Tampa, Florida, on March 1, 2001, he had in his possession bank deposit slips amounting to more than $100,000 from December 2000 through the first quarter of 2001, and withdrawal slips for slightly less than that amount during the period. Mr. Serfaty served in the Israeli military between the ages of 18 and 21, but refused to disclose to the DEA his activities between the ages of 21 and 24, including his activities since his U.S. arrival at age 23 in 2000.14 Another was Peer Segalovitz of Tamarac, Florida (about 20 miles west of Hollywood—see MAP 1), an active officer in an Israeli special forces battalion who commanded 80 men in the Golan Heights. He was detained in Orlando on May 3, 2001."


Shea continues: "...in June 2001, just two or three months before the September 11 hijackings, 15 of the 19 future hijackers were also living in Hollywood, nine in the town itself and six in surrounding towns (see Exhibit B and MAPS 1 and 2). Hollywood, for months, had been and would continue to be the staging ground for the hijacking of the World Trade Center Planes and the Pennsylvania Plane. Among the Israeli groups, more than 30 lived in the Hollywood area, 10 in Hollywood itself."


Map 1 in the DEA Report covers the Hollywood, Florida area.




The infamous Dominick Suter, leader of the Mossad front "Urban Moving Systems Inc." who fled to Israel on September 14, 2001 after his underlings had been arrested on the afternoon of September 11, is mentioned several times in the DEA report. He is recognized as the leader of the New Jersey group, and was also involved in Los Angeles.


Freelance journalist Christopher Ketcham writes about the proximity of the Israelis' and the alleged hijackers' addresses: "One 'art student' was a former Israeli military intelligence officer named Hanan Serfaty, who rented two Hollywood apartments close to the mail drop and apartment of Mohammed Atta and four other hijackers. Serfaty was moving large amounts of cash: he carried bank slips showing more than $100,000 deposited from December 2000 through the first quarter of 2001; other bank slips showed withdrawals for about $80,000 during the same period. Serfaty's apartments, serving as crash pads for at least two other 'art students', were located at 4220 Sheridan Street and 701 South 21st Avenue. Lead hijacker Mohammed Atta's mail drop was at 3389 Sheridan Street--approximately 2,700 feet from Serfaty's Sheridan Street apartment. Both Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, the suicide pilot on United Airlines Flight 175, which smashed into World Trade Center 2, lived in a rented apartment at 1818 Jackson Street, some 1,800 feet from Serfaty's South 21st Avenue apartment."


In another account, four other alleged "hijackers" used the 3389 Sheridan Street address. The clowns who wrote the script couldn't even agree on whether it was supposed to be Atta's or Suqami's passport that was "found". In any case, Israeli moving firms such as Moving On Up, Inc., use exactly the same street number, albeit with a different suite number: #159 as opposed to #256 . Moving On Up's operation at that address began in October 2000, which is a few months after Mohamed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi arrived in Florida. The Israelis behind this company are Haim Shalem and Tal Lavie, who are reputedly backed by "Israeli and Russian organized crime interests". Lavie is the President of Moving On Up, Inc. and Mark D. Cohen is the registered agent. In February 1999, Tal Lavie's corporation Budge It Moving & Storage Inc. was revoked after failing to respond to 60 days' notice of intent to dissolve for failure to maintain a registered agent on whom process may be served at the registered office. Haim Shalem, who calls himself the "customer claims supervisor" of Moving On Up, is a director of several Florida moving companies, and is President of Continental Nationwide Moving Services, Inc., which also uses the 3389 Sheridan Street address. Michael Ronen originally was a director of Moving On Up, but resigned on October 24, 1999. In February 2005, an Israeli of that name was director of the Pacific department in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, negotiating with New Zealand's Ankara ambassador in 2005 in the wake of the Mossad stolen passports scandal.


Rudi Dekkers was the operator of Huffman Aviation, which ran the Florida flight school that trained two of the alleged "suicide pilots": Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi. In February 2001 Richard Boehlke, of Portland, Oregon, lent a couple of planes to Dekkers. Independent journalist Daniel Hopsicker reported that Boehlke is linked to failed Portland investment advisory firm Capital Consultants LLC, having known its former CEO Jeffrey Grayson for many years.


On September 21, 2000, federal authorities seized control of Capital Consultants. The firm's senior executives, father and son Jeffrey L. Grayson and Barclay L. Grayson, were found to have been running a "Ponzi-like scheme" to cover up the loss of $160 million of client money. On October 1, 2000, the New York Times reported that civil suits had been filed against the trustees of the Oregon Laborers Union's retirement funds, seeking to recover $225 million in losses. The Securities and Exchange Commission had briefly suspended Jeffrey Grayson in 1976 for investing $280,000 of retirement funds in a mortgage certificate that turned out to be worthless. The Times also noted that Capital Consultants had made a relatively small investment of $6 million with Title Loans of America, which is owned by two trusts whose sole beneficiary is Alvin I. Malnik, a lawyer, businessman and reputed mobster in South Florida. Title Loans charged its clients interest of up to 264 percent a year. Norm Sepenuk, a Portland criminal defense lawyer who represented Grayson, told The Oregonian that Title Loans was a safe investment for Capital's clients, the deal was totally legitimate, it was a "perfect loan", and Grayson had "checked" out Malnik and "determined that he was fine".  In December 2001 an amendment was filed in which Title Loans of America, Inc., a profit corporation registered in Florida, changed its name to Community Loans of America, Inc.. 


According to The New York Times of July 3, 2000, Malnik was a lawyer who "worked closely with" Meyer Lansky, although Malnik denies that. However, at that last link Al Malnik, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, states that he was a "good friend" of Lansky, had "spent a lot of time with" him, but had never represented him in legal matters. That contrasts sharply with another claim by Malnik that he had represented Lansky in a few civil matters and had met him personally only once - in a chance encounter in an elevator. The cops bugged Malnik in the 1960s and heard him discussing Lansky, and in 1963 the FBI recorded a conversation between Malnik and Lansky lieutenant Ben Siegelbaum regarding the Lansky syndicate's success in obtaining a confidential report from the Justice Department regarding the Bank of World Commerce, the mob's institution in the Bahamas for laundering profits from casinos. Money would be passed to Tibor Rosenbaum's International Credit Bank in Switzerland, and could then return to the U.S. for reinvestment.


The Times article reports that according to the authorities, there are many examples of Brooklyn mobsters flocking south to Miami. As noted above, Authorized Movers is another example of Jews relocating from New York or New Jersey to Florida, and it was a Brooklyn merchant who served as intermediary when Bernard Kerik received a $250,000 "loan" from Eitan Wertheimer of Israel, after playing his part in promoting the "hijacker's passport found" story. New York-based Meyer Lansky, of Jewish stock and born in Russia, was known as the treasurer of the U.S. Mafia who would launder Mafia money via front companies in the Bahamas and send it to Israel to purchase Israeli defense bonds. When Lansky died in 1983, Malnik was dubbed his heir apparent by Reader's Digest, and the epithet stuck. Law enforcement officials long suspected Malnik to be Lansky's sole "heir". Famous visitors to The Forge, the Miami restaurant created by Al Malnik and run by his son Shareef since 1991, have included Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, Richard Nixon - and Meyer Lansky and his associates. The wine cellar includes an 1822 Chateau Lafite Rothschild worth an estimated $150,000.


9/11 was allegedly perpetrated by fifteen "suicidal muscle hijackers", all but one of whom were claimed to be Saudi Arabian, along with four "kamikaze pilots", all but one of whom were said to have trained at two dubious Florida flight schools although none of these three were Saudis. Thus, it is interesting that the "heir apparent" to Meyer Lansky lives in Florida and has strong family ties to the Saudi royal family. Malnik's son Shareef changed his name from Mark in 1982 when he married Sheika Hoda Al-Fassi, a princess descended from the Saudi royal family. That was during a period when Alvin was acting as chief financial advisor to Mohammed Al-Fassi and Saudi Royal family member Prince Turki Bin-Aziz, son of the king of Saudi Arabia. More recently, Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has about a 6% stake in News Corp. and, amusingly, is seen by some as a "top anti-Semite and Israel hater".


There is a link from Rudy Dekkers to Richard Boehlke to Capital Consultants to Al Malnik, and the authorities have long been aware of Malnik's criminal activities. However, his knowledge of law and his record of successfully fending off federal investigations suggests he would have been smart enough to cover any tracks to Dekkers. It's possible that Malnik pulled a few strings, but, like most 9/11 conspirators, would have only limited involvement and knowledge of the false-flag operation.


Also of interest is Jewish con man and Zionist lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is currently in jail on felony counts relating to fraud and corruption. Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis sold his company SunCruz Casinos - a gambling boat operation in which the customers cruised to international waters where Florida gambling laws were not applicable - to Jack Abramoff and Adam Kidan in September 2000. Following a grand jury inquiry into the transaction, Boulis' relationship with Abramoff and Kidan became rather less cordial. There was a fistfight between Boulis and Kidan on December 5, 2000, and Boulis was found shot dead in his car on February 6, 2001. One of those charged with the murder was Anthony Moscatiello, described by the authorities as an unofficial bookkeeper for New York City's Gambino crime family. Moscatiello was an old friend of Kidan, who admittedly hired him in the middle of the dispute with Boulis, ostensibly as a "food-and-beverage consultant". Soon after the Boulis - Kidan fistfight, Kidan sent Abramoff an email: "My friend in NY is acting out of concern for my safety". Around a week later, SunCruz made the first of $145,000 in payments to Moscatiello via his daughter and a company of his. Although the payments were supposedly for catering, consulting, and "site inspections", there is no evidence that any such services were provided. Another $105,000 was evidently paid by Kidan to Moon Over Miami Beach, Inc., a company where no one ever appears to be working that was run by Anthony Ferrari, who was also charged with Boulis' murder. Yet the authorities have not made Kidan or Abramoff murder suspects.


Some of the alleged "9/11 hijackers" were reportedly seen on a SunCruz gambling boat shortly before 9/11. Any Arab patsies whom the 9/11 perpetrators needed to eliminate could have been lured into an ambush with the promise of "something special" such as a poker game where the patsies would be told the could "make a killing". There is evidence that hijackers' "doubles" were used. For example, sometimes a "hijacker" was in several locations simultaneously, or one version of a "hijacker" spoke good English and the other had a heavy accent. This raises the possibility of killings having been carried out in advance of 9/11, with Mossad agents playing the role of the patsies in the later stages. Israeli operatives mixing business with pleasure would provide an additional explanation for the drinking, cocaine-snorting, gambling, womanizing, etc., in addition to the fact that the real patsies - those who weren't just a fabrication based on stolen ID - were not the religious extremists portrayed by Zionist propaganda.


Those listed as Flight 77 victims include characters whose work could have been exploited without their knowledge, whom the 9/11 perpetrators would have needed to eliminate to prevent them from speaking out after the attacks. William E. Caswell had worked on top-secret "deep-black" projects at the Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC-IH), a "renowned leader in energetics" which operates an "Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center" and carries out "advanced research in energetic systems". John Yamnicky, like William Caswell, had worked for the Navy on top-secret "black" projects. Strangely, for the first time, he did not tell his daughter that he was going on travel. Charles Burlingame was a former Navy fighter pilot who used to work in the section of the Pentagon that was hit and who had formulated a response for the eventuality of an airliner being flown into the Pentagon. Wilson "Bud" Flagg was a retired American Airlines pilot and Navy Admiral. Stanley Hall was an expert in anti-radar technology and a director of program management at Raytheon. Bryan Jack was a senior executive and top budget analyst who worked at the Pentagon. Chandler Keller was a Boeing propulsion engineer. Dong Lee was a Boeing engineer who worked for their Integrated Defense Systems and had worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) for 14 years. Barbara Olson was a CNN commentator and wife of the US Solicitor General who claimed to have received cell phone calls from "Flight 77". Ruben Ornedo was a Boeing propulsion / satellite communications engineer. Robert Penniger was an electrical engineer with BAE Systems. And there are another dozen alleged "Flight 77 passengers" who were linked to defense and government who, we are told, all just happened to be on this unusually low occupancy flight.




Israel has a well-deserved reputation for engaging in false-flag terrorism and pitting its "allies" against its enemies for political and financial gain. The Mossad's activities across the four corners of the globe are well in excess of purely defensive measures. Jews, from Eddie Shalev (q.v. April 9, 2004) to Don Radlauer (q.v. September 13 and 19, 2001), turn up left right and center attempting to prop up the "Muslims did 9/11" hoax. As can be seen from the timeline, corrupt New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik traveled to Israel on August 26, 2001 for a four-day trip, where he met with Eitan Wertheimer. On September 16, 2001, he promoted the spiel about the "hijacker's passport" being "found". On November 8, 2007, he was indicted on 16 counts including lying, conspiracy and fraud, and taking and failing to report a $250,000 loan that originated with Israeli billionaire industrialist Eitan Wertheimer. It may also be seen that the $2.3 trillion of potentially untraceable Pentagon transactions was public knowledge as early as March 2000, nearly a year before Bush nominated Rabbi Zakheim to serve as Pentagon Comptroller. The WTC deceptive demolitions and associated remote controlled planes, required for the illusion of a "suicidal Muslims terror plot", were part of a massive Jewish false-flag operation that was planned over many years. The Pentagon operation was to exploit an opportunity that had become apparent relatively recently. See here for a list of more than a hundred 9/11 suspects. It is certain that some of those were heavily involved, and others played a part in the 9/11 conspiracy.


The perpetrators of 9/11 are far more powerful than any particular government. There is no national government that could sustain an international myth of the magnitude of 9/11 for years in the face of opposition parties, an independent mainstream media and citizens with a modicum of liberty, curiosity and sapience. The official 9/11 conspiracy theory, of "suicide hijackers / pilots" armed with "box cutters", has more holes in it than a fishing net, and the idea that "Bush" could have pulled off 9/11 is laughable. Governments could not persuade operatives to mass-murder thousands of their compatriots in controlled skyscraper demolitions and keep quiet. Only a major international crime syndicate, that has slowly but inexorably extended its tentacles to control of the press, control of political "leaders", and control of the banks, and has gained international clout by seizing some 8,000 square miles of real estate under false pretenses and arming it with hundreds of nuclear weapons, would be up to the task.


The Bush administration's complicity in crashing a remote-controlled projectile into the Pentagon's west wing, together with Israel's Dolphin-class submarines equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with a 900-mile range, its various spy-rings' gatherings of secrets with which to blackmail politicians and its control of the mainstream media, provided Israel with the necessary leverage that would force the US authorities to cover for Netanyahu / Zakheim's $100+ billion Pentagon embezzlement and Netanyahu / Zakheim / Silverstein's WTC controlled demolition $4+ billion insurance scam and casus belli for perpetual war - a "war on terror". Netanyahu was the principal architect of the doctrine of a "war on terror" that in reality was the pretext for state-sponsored terrorism for profit and power. However, the planners - back in the mid-1990s - did not allow for the rise of the internet and the subsequent widespread disclosure of scientific proof of controlled demolitions at the World Trade Center. The principals of Criminal Zionism are increasingly vulnerable as their crimes and deceptions are exposed by truth seekers and patriots.

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